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Dear Abby: Credit Worrier

How many credits should a student be getting each year? Is it easy enough to finish a goal of about 7 credits? How can I earn the maximum amount of credit?   -The Credit Worrier

Dear Credit Worrier,

Credit is something that is commonly stressed about here in KM Perform, but in reality, once you understand what credit is and what it means for your future, it is a fairly simple task. When you first log into myLC, you will see your home screen. This is what shows your overall credit progress in comparison to your goals, and how much credit you have received in the year. If you are searching for how much credit you have gotten all together, look here; it is always up to date as long as your teachers have put the credit in. Another way to check how much credit you have would be to look under “My Progress” and/or “Graduation Progress.” Now, I realize that you are only a freshman/underclassman looking at this, which might be a little scary, but trust me, knowing what is going to be transcripted is amazing. Just for a reference, a transcript is your official high school progress sheet. It shows your current GPA, how many completed credits ( i.e., 0.5,1.0,1.5,2.0), and it is the piece of paper that colleges will look at for admission.  It shows you what kind of credit you will be looking for by which courses you have started. Mad props to Mr. Erickson.

Thinking long term, 7-8 credits a year is what the traditional high school student should be receiving. Speaking KM Perform terms, it is easy to accomplish this goal. But the key to accomplishing this goal is by being able to A) do the work to earn the credit, and B) push yourself to not take all “fun” classes instead of the academic ones. This goes hand in hand with your other question. In order to maximize the credit you receive, you have to be determined. I realize that sometimes this won’t happen, but what you have to keep in mind is that if you don’t maximize your credit your first few years in KM Perform, you will be stuck scrambling your junior and senior year to finish what you could have gotten done earlier.


To all students: Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions you may have!


Abby Krause


Abby Krause

October, 2016