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KM Explore Director Laura Dahm Honored by Carroll University Department of Education

Laura Dahm, Director of KM Explore, has been recognized by Carroll  University’s Department of Education for her impact on the field of education. At the  Department’s recommendation, Dahm was selected for the 2017 Pre-Service Educator  Mentor Award from the Wisconsin Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (WACTE). 

Pre-Service Educator Mentor Awards are presented to outstanding educators who have demonstrated a sustained pattern of mentoring teacher candidates for at least five years. Recipients are selected for modeling professional responsibility, mentoring candidates in developing leadership capacity, and nurturing candidates as they face a wide range of issues.

Carroll University Department of Education faculty and staff wrote the following about Dahm in their nomination:

“Laura is an outstanding educator whose commitment to PK-21 education is evident in her work as a teacher, educational leader, cooperating teacher, adjunct instructor and university partner.

As the Director of KM Explore, Laura has been a leader in the design and implementation of an innovative, learner-centered school that emphasizes collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking for students, families and educators. Under Laura’s leadership, KM Explore has become nationally recognized for their innovation and success in designing learning environments that promote learning for all students. 

KM Explore hosts hundreds of educators annually who come to learn more about the design, teaching and learning in personalized environments.

In her role as a cooperating teacher, Laura has mentored many Carroll University undergraduate teacher candidates. The pre-service teachers gain a vision for and skills in establishing rich learning environments. She provides meaningful opportunities for candidates to develop their teacher identity through respectful and constructive feedback. 

Most recently, Laura has joined Carroll University as an adjunct professor. She co-facilitates the Advanced Studies in Personalized Learning certificate in the graduate program. She co-creates learning opportunities for teachers to reflect on their practice as they consider learning environments that are inclusive, equitable and engaging for all learners. 

Laura’s commitment to teaching and learning is seen through her advocacy for education both locally and nationally. She is a distinguished educator and the faculty and staff at Carroll University are proud to recognize her efforts and impact on learning with the Teacher Mentor Award.” 

Dahm was recognized for this award at the WACTE spring meeting on April 2, and at Carroll University’s “Celebrate Carroll Celebrating Education” awards event on April 19.