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Power Outage Causes Early Dismissal

A power line serving our Wales and KMHS campuses was cut and power restoration is expected to be after 1 p.m. Our students on the KMHS and Wales campuses will need to be sent home early. 

KMHS campus: Students with cars will be dismissed at 12:00 PM. Parents who need to pick up HS students may also arrive at 12:00 PM. Students who need bus transportation will wait in our library and cafeteria for buses. 

Wales campus: Parents can pick up students via the back-door pick-up starting at 12:30. 

High school students have been dismissed. Buses are en route to the KMHS and Wales campuses. Wales buses will load/leave at 12:30.

Any after-school activities - including our board meeting at KMHS - are all TBD.