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Tuesday Tour Days

Each school day, we open our doors to a community of adults and young people to continue our work to preparing students to be ready academically, personally, and as citizens. We are proud of the work we are doing and beginning next week, we want to provide our parents a unique opportunity to learn more of the details of how that happens. 

Beginning October 30, we will begin hosting the first in a series of Tuesday Tour Days.

A Tour Day agenda will be the following:

  1. Greeting

  2. Visit Magee classrooms and learning spaces (20-30 minutes)

  3. Debriefing and Discussion (20-30 minutes)

Your tour will be hosted by Mrs. Sterner. Depending on the learning interests and questions of the group, we will visit a few different places during that portion of the morning.

Interested in joining us? Please complete this short survey to provide us more details about you and what you’d like to learn on your visit. We will limit the number of parents participating on any one tour in order to minimize the disruption of the tours to our students’ learning.

See you soon - here at school!