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    Kettle Moraine Community Education offers a variety of programs for learners of all ages. Chess to aerobicise, ski club to hunter safety, our programs help raise the quality of life and learning in the community!



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Mission & History

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    Kettle Moraine Community Education helps bring community members together to identify and link community needs and resources in a manner that helps people to help themselves raise the quality of life in their communities.


    Many believe the Community Education birthplace to be Flint, Michigan. In 1934, philanthropist Charles Stewart Mott convinced the Flint Public Schools to remain open for community activities, when schools were not used for the regular K-12 education program. Milwaukee, however, had its own version of community education years earlier. In the early 1900s, Milwaukee schools were opened day and night to immigrants who needed basic skills in English. Dorothy C. Enderis, Milwaukee's recreation director, became known as the "Lady of the Lighted Schoolhouse". In 1911, Wisconsin became the first state in the nation to pass legislation providing open access to school facilities for all citizens. The modern era of community education in Wisconsin began in 1975, when the federal Community Education Act was passed.

    Community Education in Kettle Moraine was founded in September, 1979. The school doors were kept open for community use, adult and youth enrichment opportunities were offered, and recreation service was provided. The Board of Education authorized two half time positions to coordinate the new program. The programs and opportunities continue to expand with a wide range of offerings to meet the needs of all community members.