College Prep

  • Not just for the college-bound artist!

    Why does KM Perform prepare you for any career?  These are just a few reasons reported by our recent graduates.

    • Students become experts at presentations and projects
    • Performing artists learn time management skills
    • Students learn how to perform under pressure
    • Seminars look and feel like college discussion or study groups
    • Choosing classes, setting credit goals, and monitoring progress are skills you need to learn before college

    Combined with awesome high school activities, high test scores and solid state ranking, KM Perform students are uniquely prepared for whatever is next in their journey!

    KM Perform is proud of a nationally regarded competency-based education program. You earn course credit based on evidence of competency in your credit goals customized to your timeline and career goals. The competencies are challenging but meaningful and include all the standard college prep requirements for credit and grades, but with some powerful additions and options:

    • Applied Interdisciplinary Arts ⊕
    • AP Human Geography
    • AP English Literature ♣
    • AP English Language ♣
    • AP Physics ◊
    • AP Music Theory φ
    • Arts Foundations (in your focus area) ⊕
    • Career Studies ⊕
    • Leadership Studies ⊕
    • Individual Portfolio in the Arts ⊕

     ♣ AP Language OR Literature required for all Writing Focus |  φ Requried for piano or guitar focus students  |  ⊕ Required for all students  |  ◊ Required for recording students  


    Students earn competencies through hundreds of exciting interdisciplinary seminars. To learn more about our seminars, and why dozens of teachers visit KM Perform every year to learn about them, check out our Seminars Page.

College Prep Classroom