• Interdisciplinary Seminars and Workshops are the hallmarks of the KM Perform experience.  Rather than sign up for annual courses, KM Perform students rotate through seminars and workshops approximately every 4-6 weeks. 


    Key KM Perform Concepts

    Competencies: The critical skills and knowledge a student needs in a course of study. Sometimes the course is familiar, like Geometry or English Literature. In other cases the courses and skills are less familiar to traditional high schools, but more critical than ever before, like Career Skills, Leadership, Design Thinking, or Collaboration. 

    Interdisciplinary:  This simply means that a seminar may contain competencies from multiple courses, often mixing arts with academic competencies. After all, big ideas tend to involve multiple skill sets!

    Seminars:  Large units of study with a really cool application, project, or demonstration of knowledge at the end. Sometimes the seminar is related to the student's art focus, other times it may be completely unrelated to the arts. (i.e. Sometimes Algebra II is just Algebra II) 


    So Why...

    Competencies?  Competencies form a clear map of the WHAT, so that the student can personalize the WHEN and the WHERE 

    Interdisciplinary? Because the world is interdisciplinary.  

    Why Seminars?  Seminars are not only really interesting topics, but their short term nature allows for student choice and a variety of timelines and paths to getting credit in courses. This allows students to work faster in their strenghts, and take a little more time when needed. But mostly they are just cool.


    Check out some of EXAMPLES!