District Wellness Policy

  • The School District of Kettle Moraine recognizes its responsibility to promote a healthy learning environment by supporting a comprehensive wellness program that includes good nutrition and regular physical activity. Improved health through nutrition and physical activity optimizes student performance and readiness to learn.

    Student Wellness Advisory Committee
     A multi-disciplinary advisory committee will annually review and evaluate the student wellness rule and make recommendations to the superintendent. This advisory committee will be comprised of parents and students; representatives of the school nutrition program, administration, teachers and school board; a district medical advisor and school nurses; and other public professionals as deemed appropriate.

    Nutrition Education Goals
    Implement nutrition education from preschool through secondary school as part of a sequential, comprehensive school health education curriculum designed to help students adopt healthy eating behaviors.

    Physical Activity Goals
    A quality physical education program is an essential component for all students to learn about and participate in physical activity. In addition to regular physical education, physical activity will be integrated across curricula and throughout the school day.

    Nutrition Standards
    Decisions made in regard to school programming need to reflect and encourage positive nutrition messages and healthy food choices.Nutrition guidelines will be made available through the nutrition services department for all foods served through nutrition services on each school campus during the school day, with the objective of promoting student health and reducing childhood obesity. Guidelines for reimbursable school meals shall not be less restrictive than regulations and guidance issued by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture.

    Other School Based Activities
    Local wellness goals should be proactively considered in planning all school-based activities (such as school events, field trips, PTO functions, dances, social events, and fund raising activities).


    Services for Nutrition-Related Health Problems
    All staff are encouraged to model healthy eating as a valuable part of daily life. School nurses and school counselors should be prepared to recognize conditions such as undernourishment, obesity, eating disorders, practice of unsafe weight loss methods and other nutrition-related health problems among students and be able to refer them to appropriate services.

    Implementation and Evaluation of Local Wellness Rule
    A sustained effort is necessary to implement and reinforce these guidelines. The district food service director and school nurses, in consultation with the building administrator(s), will be responsible for ensuring that the schools meet the local wellness rule and implement a plan for measuring effectiveness of the wellness rule.