About Magee

MISSION: The mission of the Magee Community is to inspire students to be on T.R.A.C.K in their own learning, where we Think, Reflect, Achieve, Create and be Kind.

VISION: We will create an environment where every student is valued and capable of learning through mentorship in a learning environment meeting each child where they are, developmentally (academically, socially, and emotionally), instilling a sense of confidence and pride. This environment will allow for risk-taking, compassion, collaboration, laughter, mistake-making, equity (the quality of being fair and impartial), curiosity, play, and growth.

Magee students spend a great deal of time outdoors, utilizing 10 outdoor learning spaces that integrate nature into our daily curriculum. This allows students to learn about

At Magee, we aspire to reach the whole child by supporting a community focused on academic, character, and social/emotional growth and wellbeing for all. This can be accomplished by working as a collaborative team advocating for all through listening to the needs of the students, staff, PTO, and community, as well as communicating and encouraging a professional learning community built on respect, trust, cooperation, and collaboration.

Watch how educators at Magee Elementary creatively mix deep tradition with innovative instructional practices to actively engage students in this school story. 

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