About KM Connect

Mission: The mission of KM Connect is to provide, for those students who opt for distance learning, a quality education in an engaging educational environment through academic excellence, positive community-building models, and growth development emphasizing communication and collaboration.

Vision: KM Connect will be a school choice for families who want to: engage in learning with communication arts as a lens for their academics; families who want to be a part of the Kettle Moraine School District but cannot due to geographic constraints; families who want to be part of KMSD but also like to have extensive travel; families with health concerns; or other various circumstances requiring distance learning.

KM Connect will become an exemplary model of secondary education with the modality of distance learning in the nation. KM Connect will offer an educational experience not found elsewhere. Its rigorous instructional program, delivered in an interdisciplinary model within a community of learners (built from synchronous class time and experiences), will be integrated with a communication-centric pedagogy, current and future workplace tools, and a collegiate based schedule. KM Connect will be a leading example of rigorous and engaging learning within a distance learning mode. 

KM Connect aims to ensure each child is healthy, safe, engaged, challenged and supported by connecting education to social and emotional development. KM Connect believes that all children benefit socially, physically, emotionally, creatively, and academically from parents, teachers, student services staff and administrators sharing the responsibility of meeting the needs within a common learning environment. Students will have access to a wide array of resources and supports to best assist each student in reaching their full and unique potential. 

KM Connect will have two branches to its structure. KM Connect will have full time students who are engaged in the courses and learning experiences of KM Connect, but also KM Connect will be the structure where district courses will be housed for those students who are enrolled in another school but want to take distance learning courses in addition to the normal course work of their home school. 

KM Connect will serve students in grades six through 12 (six through 11 in 2022-23). It is recognized that there is a continuum of academic and social development throughout this age range. While growth in all areas of the Graduate Profile will be emphasized for all KM Connect students, there will be a higher level of structure and support for younger students. KM Connect school structures will be designed to scaffold both academic and social development with more developed layers of support for younger students, and less formal structure as students show evidence of growth in the Graduation Profile.   

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