About HS^2

School Vision: Learning well!

School Mission: The High School of Health Sciences cultivates authentic and personalized learning in a health care and research context. We inspire curiosity in a wide range of fields, study, and service by engaging problem-solvers in an interdisciplinary spectrum of opportunity. Students will master a course of study that equips them for success in health care, research, and related fields. 


The High School of Health Sciences (HS^2) is a public charter school that exists on the Kettle Moraine High School Campus. HS^2 opened in the fall of 2014 and currently serves students in grades nine through 12. Its Governance council has established a class size of 50 students per grade.  

The philosophy behind HS^2  is: learning is a social, diverse and collaborative experience. HS^2 empowers students to be the architects of their own learning, making connections between relevant course instruction and their future endeavors. 

We strive to ensure students are not just learning, but learning well. Students will ultimately master a relevant course of study equipping them for success in health care, research and other related fields. 

  1. Learning is contextual.

  2. Students will be empowered to be architects of their own learning.

  3. Students will make connections between learning and their future endeavors. 

  4. Student accomplishments are a result of both successes and failures.

  5. Learning is social, diverse, and collaborative. 

  6. Authentic experiences help students understand their role in a global society. 

  7. Teachers guide, facilitate, inspire, and coach.

Schedule a Visit

Kettle Moraine is pleased to share learning with our families and professional community through scheduled visits. To schedule a family tour, contact Rebecca Ladsten at ladstenr(at)kmsd.edu

Rebecca Ladsten
HS^2  Director