KM Global is a charter high school authorized by the Kettle Moraine School District that prepares students to be leaders who MAKE AN IMPACT on their community. Learning happens in a variety of formats including research projects, interdisciplinary seminars, courses, field experiences and service-learning. KM Global is focused on providing meaningful experiences guided by student interests, career goals, and rigorous academic curriculum. Students collaborate with teachers and peers in a flexible learning environment that promotes responsibility, leadership, innovative thinking, and independence. Graduates receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in a competitive global environment.



    Learners Making an Impact



    To cultivate a global perspective through academic excellence, active engagement, and development of leadership identity.



    KM Global is designed for a generation of learners who wish to experience education with purposeful interaction and influence through the Know- Be- Do framework. The school provides the opportunity for students to learn and grow by exploring and making an impact on the things that matter to themselves and to their community. KM Global incorporates a unique curriculum, assessment framework, and delivery model to build a comprehensive learning environment that enables students to attain educational goals.



    Know: Attainment of specific learning targets guided by rigorous academic curriculum.

    Be: Development of dispositions that will foster responsibility for personal leadership.

    Do: Participation in learning through projects, seminars, internships, travel and other relevant experiences.


    Academic Excellence as measured by:

    • Grades
    • Course Completions
    • Graduation Rates
    • College Acceptance Rates
    • Scores on common assessments
    • Scores on national, state and international examinations
    • High quality portfolios and samples of work
    Active Engagement as measured by:
    • Student Portfolio
    • Field Experiences
    • Projects 
    • Student Goals
    Leadership Identity as measured by:
    • Evidence of civic engagement through service
    • Engagement in school or community leadership roles 


    College and Career Readiness as measured by students who:

    • Gain self-confidence by taking risks and building on strengths
    • Develop active citizenship through personal and social responsibility
    • Communicate in a professional and confident manner
    • Think flexibly to solve problems
    • Demonstrate integrity and leadership through positive influence
    • Become an independent and responsible learner
    • Understand and respect diverse individuals and perspectives
    • Embrace curiosity for learning
    • Build strong content knowledge