Distance Learning Instructions (weather related and planned)

  • KM Perform - Distance Learning Plan for School Closure


    This document outlines expectations for learning should we move to distance learning for inclement weather, or as a district or school for more than one day due to health-related reasons.  Please see the information below to help in this transition.



    • Students will join any class meetings at their scheduled time via a Google Meet scheduled in MyLC. Attendance will be taken based on Google Meet schedules.  When a teacher opens a Google Meet, students are notified in MyLC and in their email.
    • Students and their teacher may meet synchronously for all or part of the normally scheduled class time.
    • Students may also complete independent, small group, or one-to-one instruction during this time. Teachers will update the plans in the seminar syllabus and add any daily tasks to MyLC.
    • When not in a scheduled class meeting, students should be working on individual goals/tasks.  



    • Students must attend and engage in Google Meets as requested by the teacher
    • Students must meet daily/weekly expectations as outlined by the teacher.
    • Students must submit evidence of learning.
    • Students should check email, calendar, and MyLC on a daily basis.
    • Students with a legacy class will need to follow the expectations as outlined by their KMHS teacher.



    • MyLC will be used for all posted assignments/tasks and class meetings.
    • Students should check their To Do list in MyLC on a daily basis.


    Google Meet Expectations and Etiquette

    • We encourage students to be actively engaged during these meetings with their video turned on, asking questions, participating in discussion, etc. 


    Student Support

    • Mentors may host advisory meetings. These would be required meetings when communicated by the mentor.  Students may also have one-on-one meetings