• KM Global is a high school authorized by the Kettle Moraine School District focusing on developing student leaders who are engaged in their local and global communities. Students are able to learn based on their personal interests and future goals. Learning happens in a variety of formats including research projects, interdisciplinary seminars, blended courses, field experiences, and service-learning. Students will become engaged learners through meaningful and authentic experiences guided by rigorous academic curriculum. The flexible learning environment promotes leadership development, global awareness, responsibility, innovative thinking, and collaboration. 

    Knowing: Attainment of specific learning outcomes guided by rigorous standards.
    Being: Development of dispositions that will foster responsibility for personal leadership.
    Doing: Participation in learning through projects; internships; travel; and other relevant experiences.
    Seminars: Students have the opportunity to sign up for a variety of interdisciplinary seminars throughout the year. Seminar topics change every few weeks and focus on the following areas: leadership, innovation, global perspective, career development, personal finance, and health/wellness. During seminars, students will participate in small and large group activities, collaboration, discussions and field trips.
    Inquiry: An inquiry is an in-depth research project where students are able to explore a variety of content areas and learning targets in order to demonstrate high levels of critical-thinking and application. Inquiry topics are chosen based on a combination of student interests and credit goals, and students are supported through this process by an individual learning coach. In addition to academic research, the process includes collaboration with community members through interviews and field experiences.
    Learning Outside the Walls: Through job shadows, interviews, field trips, internships, and guest speakers, students learn how to communicate and interact with different cultures and industry professionals extending their learning far beyond the traditional classroom.
    Learning Coaches and Small Group Settings: Learning coaches are licensed educators who guide student learning, assist in portfolio development, facilitate external partnerships with content area experts, and coordinate assessment. This model provides opportunities for strong relationship building and guidance that develops over a continuum of student growth and learning. In the context of learning, small multi-age groups will allow students to negotiate team dynamics, assume leadership positions and collaborate around content.
    Delivery and Interaction to Emulate a Modern Workplace: Students work in a flexible environment that provides access to individual, small group, and large meeting spaces. Small group teams allows for purposeful interaction and discussion between students and teachers. Technology is used to support student learning and access to resources.
    Community Service: Students will engage in service within the community as well as complete a service project at the local or international level.
    Blended Courses: Content is delivered both online and through small group instruction. This allows students to move at the pace that is right for them and prepares them to adapt to a variety of delivery methods used in college and the workplace.
    KM Global Four Pillars