23-24 Global Course Selection Information

  • KM Global Course Registration


    KM Global online registration will take place online starting February 6th (8 am) through February 17th (3 pm). Please read through the notes and directions listed below carefully for all course enrollment information. Both KM Global and KMHS course requests will take place during this window.


    Step 1: Preparation and Planning

    • Make sure you review your credits in the graduation planner in MyLC. Use this tool to plan out your credits for next school year as well. 

    • Make a copy of this slide, paste it into your PLP, and outline next year’s course plan.  (You will be sharing your plan at home next week.)

    • Discuss your credits and plan for next school year with your advisor.

    • Check with teachers for recommendations (math, AP, etc.)

    • Review the KM Global Graduation RequirementsCredit Opportunities, and course planning sheets below to help with your planning. 


    Step 2: KM Global Registration

    • Register for courses through the Google Form linked here.

    • Use the course planning sheets below to help in your planning.


    9th Grade Planning Sheet

    Class of 2027  

    11th Grade Planning Sheet

    Class of 2025  

    10th Grade Planning Sheet

    Class of 2026  

    12th Grade Planning Sheet

    Class of 2024


    • Remember these are not the only credits you will complete during the school year. Inquiry projects, field experiences, independent projects, and seminars are planned at the beginning of the school year. Keep this in mind so you don’t register for too many credits. Balance is very important. 


    • As part of their personalized learning plans, KM Global students are allowed to register for a maximum of three outside credits per school year through KMHS or other institutions. These requested courses should address targets/credits that are not offered in KM Global. Examples may include Art, Music, Band, or Advanced Placement courses.


    Step 3: KMHS Course Requests (optional)

    • Visit the KMHS Course Information site to see which KMHS courses are offered in the 2023-2024 School Year.

    • Enter course requests into Infinite Campus. 


    • KMHS Note: Making accurate course selections for the first time is vitally important, as it has a significant impact on which courses run, how many sections of each course are created, class sizes, and overall staffing. Dropping a KMHS course will not be honored if it was part of a student's original request and there is not a conflict with a Charter-approved program or course.