Dress Code

  • Kettle Moraine students, parents, and school staff share the responsibility of exercising good judgment in maintaining a positive atmosphere conducive to education.  Students at Kettle Moraine should always strive to be neat in appearance, clean, well-groomed, and wearing attire that is not offensive, does not distract others and is appropriate to a school setting.  Clothing that is distracting and/or disrupts the learning environment is inappropriate.  Tattoos or grooming styles that create a disruption to the school and its instructional programs and are obvious distractions to other students, will not be allowed.  This rule shall apply to words, cartoons, slogans, or advertisements which have more than one meaning, or those which depict or portray conduct or messages which may be illegal or offensive. 


    Clothing or clothing that includes the following (not an exclusive list) are not allowed at school:

    1.     inappropriate messages

    2.     depicts alcohol, drugs, or weapons

    3.     shoes with wheels

    4.     exposed midlines

    5.     exposed bust lines

    6.     pajama pants and slippers

    7.     jackets are not permitted during the school day.

    8.     revealing undergarments

    9.     low cut and low riding pants

    10.   spaghetti straps or strapless garments are not allowed

    11.   very short shorts or very short skirts

               a.     shorts and skirts must be mid thigh in length

    12.   generally revealing portions of the body that are distracting to others