Canvas Use at KMMS

  • Canvas is used:

    • In 6th ,7th, and 8th grade house areas (not using the Summit Learning Platform)
    • For Elective Courses including: FACS, PhyEd, STEM, Computer Science


    Parent recommendations for accessing / monitoring

    • As a parent you may want to limit your focus to the calendar due dates and any feedback that your student may receive.
    • Success is found when a student logs into the platform and has a conversation around the learning. This builds student ownership and increases parent understanding of the context.
    • Note: Parent account access does not provide access to all Google documents due to privacy and copyright restrictions.  If you would like to view your student’s progress on a specific document please have your student sign into the platform to show you his/her work.


Create Your Parent Account

  • When you sign up for a parent account in Canvas, it gives you access to see:

    • Student assignments and calendar
    • Student Feedback/Progress

    You will need a pairing code from your student's account to create your parent account.

    Click here to access the KMSD Canvas page to create an account.


    Pairing Codes Frequently Asked Questions

    Please view the video below for instructions to create an account. 




    Once a parent observer account is created you have the ability to add additional students to the account.  Please watch the video below to see how.


    The video below gives a brief overview of how to set your notification preferences in Canvas. Jump ahead to 2:30 to view notification preferences. We recommend you select the following categories of greatest impact:

    • Due date
    • Grading