• Please note the following dates. Some of these dates are different than the KMHS calendar.

    • Thursday, September 13 at 6:00 PM - New Student Orientation & Open House

    • Friday, October 5 & Monday, October 8 - Student Led Conferences by Appointment (11th & 12th Grade)

    • Monday, October 8 - Records Day

    • Thursday, January 17th from 6-7:30PM -  KM Perform Student Showcase Night

    • Friday, January 18th - Records Day

    • Monday, January 28 -  Records Day & Student Led Conferences by Appointment (9th & 10th Grade)

    • Friday, March 22 - Records Day

    • June 5-7 - Records Days

    During a Records Day, there are no regular KM Perform seminars for students on that date. Our KM Perform classrooms will be open to students who wish to study and work. Many students come for the day to work on projects or receive extra help from teachers. Students are required to attend all legacy courses and arts courses on records days. It is important that students honor their commitment to any legacy or fine arts courses. Some students are required to attend and meet with teachers on records day to catch up on specific targets or receive additional help. This is a required attendance day for these students. They will be notified by their mentor or a teacher if they are required to attend.


    Parent Advisory

    Any parent is welcome to be a part of our parent advisory. This has been a great feedback tool for our school. Our parent advisory meetings are designed as one-hour sessions falling over a lunch hour. I use these sessions to gather valuable parent input as we set goals, build schedules, and design learning objectives. Conversations are informal, sometimes with a topic as a starting point.

    Fall parent advisory dates:

    • Friday, October 12 11:15 AM

    • Friday, November 16  11:15 AM

    Parent advisory meets in the KM Perform Community Room unless posted otherwise