Student Advisory

  • Clara Paloucek

    I am a junior and this is my third year in Global.
    Extracurricular: I am part of NHS, Tri-M, Interact, and bluegrass club. I also play violin in chamber orchestra.
    Projects: I have studied the founding of America and the American Civil War. I also did a project on the Scottish vote for independence, and one of my favorites focussed on music of the 20s and 30s. I am currently studying Poland and World War II.
    Interest in Student Advisory Board: I am happy to be a part of the student advisory board because I think that leadership is very important, and this is a great opportunity to contribute to the growth of the school. 

    Miranda Spindt

    I am a Junior and this is my third year in Global.
    Extracurricular: I am a member of the dance team, Interact Club, Best Buddies, and Tri-M, and NHS. I also work at Sideliners Restaurant and Sally’s Sweet Shoppe.
    Projects: For my inquiries, I have researched how businesses successfully expand abroad, beauty standards in other cultures, similarities and differences between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, and the Civil Rights Movement. I am currently researching the unemployment rate and its effect on the economy.
    Interest in Advisory Board: I joined the advisory board because I wanted to be more involved in my school and help bring volunteer opportunities to Global students and I love doing so. 

    Maura Wondra

    I am a Freshman and this is my first year in Global.
    Extracurricular: I am in the club Best Buddies. I am also in Cross Country and I play soccer.
    Projects: For my inquiry project, I am researching how and why the attitudes towards the disabled have changed throughout history.
    Interest in Advisory Board: I wanted to join the student advisory board because I want to make Global the best community it can be. Also, I knew that it would be fun and I would meet new people from different grades. 

    Katherine Hein

    I am a senior and this is my third year in Global.
    Extracurriculars: I am part of Model UN, Chinese club, Interact club, Spanish club, and Unity club.
    Projects: Past projects I have done include researching the history of the Roman Empire, competing in National History day with a project on the evolution of the English language, and studying body language. Currently, I am studying how events in Native American history effect their modern culture and how to effective break their poverty cycle.
    Interest in Advisory Board: I joined advisory board because I think that Global should not only be led by teachers but also students. In advisory board I want to expand opportunities for all students and work on building the community feeling among students.


    Braden Baumann 

    I am a senior and this is my second year in Global. 
    Extracurriculars: Rockclimbing club, Ski club, and NHS
    Projects: In the future I want to work in law enforcement so my inquiries have been focused mostly on law enforcement and criminal justice. Last year I researched the evolution of organized crime and the causes and possible solutions of police brutality. For my current project I took a break from controversial law enforcement topics to the more controversial 2016 presidential election.
    Interest in student advisory: I joined student advisory because I had friends in student advisory and they thought I would do great in it and that I could represent the students of Global.


    Paxton Larson

    I am a freshman and this is my first year in Global.
    Extracurricular: Model UN, Youth Advisory Council, and I play trumpet in concert band, jazz band, and MYSO.
    Projects: In middle school I studied ancient Greek and Roman societies, William Tyndale, and the Transcontinental Railroad. This year I am studying the Viking Era, particularly how they traded, explored, and raided.
    Interest in advisory: I have always taken an interest in leadership opportunities, and I wanted to see how we could improve our Global space, grow as a community, and promote volunteering activities.

    Emma Healy
    I am a senior in KM Global, and I have been in Global for all four years.
    Extracurriculars: I am a Clarinet Section Leader and Head Librarian for the KMHS band program, a member of the Mock Trial team, National Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, and Spanish Honor Society. I work at Le Duc’s Frozen Custard and tutor elementary school kids as well.
    Projects: I am currently studying world literacy, and in the past my projects have ranged from influenza pandemics to writing a novel.
    Interest in Advisory: I have been a part of the Student Advisory Board since it began in my sophomore year, and this year I was elected Chairperson of the board. As Chairperson, I am the student liaison to Global’s Governance Board, and attend Governance Board meetings once a month. I am excited to work with students and teachers to improve our learning environment.


    Nicholas Smiltneek

    I am a sophomore in KM Global, and I have been in Global for 2 years.
    Extracurriculars: I volunteer at Katys Closet, and I am joining the rock climbing club.
    Projects: My current project right now is working on improving my drawing skills for the future job I want in architecture.
    Interest in Advisory: I am currently in my second year of being on the student advisory board and joined global freshman year. My interest is being in a leadership role and getting to learn more about leading and speaking


    Aaron Johnson

    Junior, second year in Global
    Extracurricular: Member of the Varsity Volleyball team, KM Golf
    Projects done in the past: Ocean Pollution and Serial Killers
    Interest in student advisory board: To make Global a more well-known in our community by organizing community service and different events to get our name out there and known.


    Abby Dorn
    Sophomore, second year in Global
    Extracurricular: Interact, Best Buddies
    Past Inquiries: Ballet development, Mental Illness
    Interest In Student Advisory Board: I am interested in the Global Student Advisory Board because I wanted to be more involved in Global.