2018 Kettle Moraine School District Staff Awards

  • Congratulations to the following educators and partners for being honored with 2018 Recognition Awards. Information from each award-winner’s nomination is included below.

Educator of the Year

  •  Klima


    Shai Klima
    English Educator, Kettle Moraine High School


    When you step into Shai’s classroom you immediately feel a difference. Shai and her students are constantly reflecting together and openly acknowledging their strengths. how they can use them to bring up the team, and addressing their weaknesses openly and without judgement. The mutual respect is obvious. Students and staff come to Shai to share celebrations and difficulties about school or their personal life, because she gets that the whole person needs to be addressed in order to find academic success. Shai runs a model classroom, yet continues to push herself to grow no matter how uncomfortable it may seem at first, modeling exactly what we want our students to do. She is constantly working to develop skills in her students!

Innovator Award

  • Jones

    Kim Jones
    Magee Elementary Library Media Specialist


    Stephanie Wieczorek
    Wales Elementary Library Media Specialist


    Kim and Stephanie Wieczorek are part of the incredibly strong team of library media specialists who serve our district. They are key decision makers in advancing the district’s commitment to immersive design thinking and coding at the elementary levels. While it is easy to recognize them as champions of  technology and its role in supporting oru learners, they are also innovators in classroom practice as well, Whether supporting the needs of our students with disabilities, or modeling for colleagues through work in micro-credentials, these educators are transparent in their learning and innovation. Always focused on meeting the needs of students they lead by example and engage in collaborative solution seeking. Our dynamic and engaging library media spaces, perhaps more so than in any other area of our learning environments, are clear examples of innovation, in how they are structured, what they support, and who is involved. Kim and Stephanie continue to bring innovative ideas to the forefront. They continue to engage and support educators and students in their own innovation and learning journey. We are better because of the work they do and the people they are!


Partner in Education Award

  • Meyer

    Pam Meyer
    KMSD Food Service

    When you talk about and envision an individual that plays a vital role in educating staff and students, along with community agencies, they must know the goals that need to be achieved to create a comfortable and connected workplace. This process is difficult and time consuming, and Pam Meyer, head of the high school kitchen staff, demonstrates these skills with perfection in her support for our students. Pam is a kind, caring individual who will take time out of her schedule to reach out to support her team, She creates trials that benefit the students and in the long run the community by seeing the potential of our students in their work.  Pam is supportive and positive when adversity arises, using resources around her to produce a plan reaching every stunt’s maximum effort, Pam seamlessly puts everyone’s needs before her own. She has offered multiple opportunities to our students to volunteer and get hired in the kitchen at the highschool, gaining the important job skills needed for the ife. She seeks out students that would be a good fit for the job, connecting with staff She goes above and beyond to make sure each individual, staff, and students, understands their roles and responsibilities She makes connections with agencies to allow all student the confidence and accomplishments they deserve.  Without Pam, we would not be able to have these connections or relationships within our school. We appreciate her dedicated work and we are grateful for having the valuable experiences she engages our students in, meeting their goals.

Making a Difference Award

  • Deputy Jamie Soneberg
    Kettle Moraine School Resource Office, Waukesha County Sheriff Department

    In the few short years Deputy Soneberg has been with Kettle Moraine, he has established himself as a crucial member of our community, our team, our family.  As a law enforcement officer, a district safety team member, a campus leader, an adult role model, and even as campus Bowling Team coach, he is indispensable. It is difficult to think of doing the work we do without him at our side. Whether serving at the district level, advising across our elementary schools,or leading collaboration with other community providers here in our district and across our state, Deputy Soneberg serves as an exemplar of what a Student Resource Officer can and should be. 


Continuous Learner Award

  •  Graner

    Rebecca (Zima) Graner
    Math Educator, Kettle Moraine High School


    Joey Jonas
    Math Educator, Kettle Moraine High School

    Rebecca and Joey are educators with different backgrounds who worked together on an innovative practice in order to provide opportunities and address challenges of our students.  Together they spearheaded a redesign of mathematics education at the high school level, successfully launching the Mathematics Pathway. Taking the traditional siloed approach to mathematics instruction, they have created a personalized approach that better meets students needs and aligns with district direction, The pathways approach allows students to move at their pace, demonstrating proficiency, and creating student agency that is rarely seen in more traditional approaches. They have set the stage for others to replicate this approach in their work across the campus, focusing on individual competencies. They leaned into the learning and are providing an example that will continue to transform our pedagogy for years to come.