Personalized Learning Plans for 2017-18

  • As summer kicks off, we are busy planning for the fall. Part of that planning includes the traditional class placement conversations. Our learning philosophy is to flexibly group students throughout their day, week, year and elementary career. Small group instruction is one of the best strategies for addressing each student's unique needs and interests. Flexible, small group arrangements are used across our entire school district as they allow for focused instruction on precisely what a student needs. This means learners will work with a variety of staff throughout the school day and school year. As we continue to grow our ability to personalize instruction for our learners here at Dousman, we increase our ability to work with a wide range of abilities within our classrooms, which may include both single and multi-age classrooms.


    Barring any last minute, summer changes to staffing, here is our team breakdown for 2017-2018.

    4K/5K Team  (all are grade level homerooms)

    • Mrs. Eisenmann (4K- am)

    • Mrs. Gross/Mrs. Kelly (4K- pm)

    • Mrs. Peters (5K)

    • Mrs. Siems (5K)

    1/2 Team (all are grade level homerooms)

    • Mrs. Fabisiak (1st grade)

    • Mrs. Jastrow (1st grade)

    • Mrs. Linn (1st grade)

    • Mrs. Krause (2nd grade)

    • Mrs. Ryan (2nd grade)

    • Mrs. Wiltz (2nd grade)

    East House (all 3rd grade homerooms)

    • Ms. Burdick

    • Mr. Farrar

    • Mrs. Strom

    West House (all 4/5 homerooms)

    • Mrs. Boettcher/Mrs. Obermyer (job share)

    • Ms. Ciardo

    • Ms. Giesie

    • Mr. Graf

    • Mrs. Winter


    We will be finalizing class placements over the summer. Please take note of the following dates:

    • You will be able to see your child’s homeroom teacher on August 7 in Infinite Campus. This is also the date that online registration will start, and the date that you will be able to sign up for a Great Start Conference with your child’s homeroom teacher through Signup Genius. More information about online registration will be sent to families in July.

    • Great Start Conferences will be August 30, August 31 and September 1.

    • The first day of school for all elementary students is Tuesday, September 5.


    Thank you, and have a great summer!


    Jeremy Monday, Dousman Elementary Principal