Grading & Reporting

  • Grading-- Grading is an activity done throughout an entire term/course.  It is ONE way an educator and learner communicate about a learner’s progression toward proficiency.  Learners are also provided feedback through the use of rubrics, discussions and daily conversations with other learners and the teacher.  


    KMHS students and their parents are able to access grades using the Infinite Campus portal.  Here you will notice that the data is organized within each course by standard.  This is different than previous schemes that had grades organized by task (homework grade, quiz grade, test grade, etc).  The purpose/benefit of organizing grades by standard is that it more clearly communicates strengths and weaknesses in a manner that allows learner and teacher to work together on areas of need rather than continuing to work on areas that are already proficient.  


    Standard/Grading Weights-- As with any course… not all learning targets or standard areas are created equal. This means that some ideas/skills are more important than others.  Learners will notice a “weight” for the standard area. The greater importance of the area, the greater the weight.  This makes the process of simple averaging an inaccurate manner to figure a final grade. See your instructor if you need help understanding.

    Reporting-- Reporting is the final letter assigned to the course.  This is reported/transcripted at the end of terms.  The reported letter comes from a mathematical formula that considers the importance of the learning during the course (see standard weights).  Questions about your reported letter grade should be directed to the instructor.