Personalized Learning in Kettle Moraine

  • Since receiving the charge from the school board in 2005 to “transform the education delivery system to better and more efficiently meet the needs of all students,” the Kettle Moraine School District has been working hard to personalize learning. This supports our district’s vision of Learning Without Boundaries.

    Personalized learning puts the student at the center of his/her educational experience. No longer does each child need to be learning the same content at the same pace. Students aren’t left behind, nor are they held back, by the rest of their class. We recognize that each child is unique. Each child learns in different ways, and at different paces.

    What makes this possible?
    With technology tools, today’s teachers have more detailed information about each of their students. They know each child’s strengths and weaknesses, and how he/she learns best. Real-time data allows educators to customize each child’s experience, which makes learning more engaging and relevant for each student.

    Personalized Learning Supports KM’s Graduate Profile
    The personalized learning strategies used to teach students in Kettle Moraine all support the development of skills and attributes that are outlined in our Graduate Profile. As a community and school district, we strive for each Kettle Moraine graduate to be a Continuous Learner; Communicator; Collaborator; Creative & Critical Thinker; Engaged Citizen; and Self-Directed & Resilient Individual.


    LEARN MORE HERE about what personalized learning looks like for Kettle Moraine students.

Kettle Moraine Personalized Learning Infographic