• KM Global - Introduction
    This video shows a quick overview of KM Global from both a student and educator perspective.
    KM Global Overview 

    Learn more about KM Global by hearing from its educators and students.  The video provides an overview of the main aspects of KM Global including the environment and community, how schedules work, field experience, and inquiry. 


    KM Global - The Students' Perspective

    In this video, KM Global students share more details about the workload, activities that they are involved in, opportunities they have had, examples of inquiries and senior capstones, why they have chosen global, as well as advice for new students. 

    KM Global - The Parents' Perspective
    This video features three KM Global parents talking about their own thoughts and experiences about having a child in KM Global. They discuss their favorite parts of KM Global, experiences with teachers, their role in their student's education, how their student has thrived, their own uncertainties and how they overcame them, advice for new parents, as well as some input from students.