Graduation Requirements

  •   English

    4 Credits


    4 Credits


    4 Credits

      Social Studies

    4 Credits

      World Language

    4 Credits


    5 Credits


    1 Credit

      Field Experience

    1 Credit

     Global Foundations


    (Courses: Introduction to Global Perspective and Leadership, Innovation and Leadership, Global Citizenship, Career Development, Personal Health and Fitness, Applied Leadership, Personal Finance)

    2 Credits


    29 Credits

    Graduating students will be granted a diploma through KM Global and the School District of Kettle Moraine.

    Global Education Achievement Certificate (GEAC)

    KM Global is excited to offer students the opportunity to earn the Wisconsin Global Education Achievement Certificate.  The Global Scholar Certificate and Transcript Endorsements shall be awarded to students who have demonstrated a dedication to global education by successfully fulfilling the recommended criteria in four (4) areas.  For specific information please click here.


    Honors Diploma

    Earning the Global Education Achievement Certification, in combination with a GPA of 3.5 or higher, will result in a KM Global Honors Diploma, in addition to the Global Scholars Designation.