Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions


    How do I apply?

    KM Explore is open to all students provided they complete all parts of the application. Enrollment procedures are as follows:

    1. Fill out an enrollment application during the application window which will open on February 1, 2022 and will accept applications until February 28th at Noon.

    2. In order to understand the unique nature of KM Explore, it would be helpful to attend the scheduled information sessions for interested students and parents. The information night will take place Tuesday, February 8th, 2022 in the Dragon's Den at the Campus of Wales Elementary and KM Explore from 5:30 - 6:30pm.  

    3. Families interested in KM Explore who live outside of the Kettle Moraine School District will need to file the necessary paperwork for Open Enrollment. Procedures for doing this can be found on the State of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Website. Note: Students who live outside the district and wish to open enroll, must first be accepted through the open enrollment process before the application to KM Explore will be eligible for enrollment or the lottery procedures.


    How does the application process work?

    Any student currently enrolled as a district resident or any current open enrolled student attending a KM school may apply to KM Explore. Applications are available online during the application window. More information can be found under the Application Information tab on the KM Explore website.

    Applications will be accepted for students in all grade levels, however there is very limited capacity beyond kindergarten. If applications to KM Explore exceed the enrollment limit a lottery drawing will be held.


    What happens if more students apply than can be accommodated?

    If applications exceed a grade level's capacity, a lottery drawing will be held.


    What if I live outside of the district and want to open enroll my student to KM Explore?

    For information on the Open Enrollment Application process, please visit Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's website. Once your student is accepted to Kettle Moraine schools through open enrollment you may then apply to KM Explore. NOTE: You must fill out an application to the state for Open Enrollment AND apply to KM Explore through our application on this website.


    If I submit an application for multiple children is it possible that one would be accepted and not the other?

    Once one child in a family is accepted to KM Explore all current K-5 siblings who wish to attend will be accepted if the grade level cap has not been met.  If the grade level cap has been met, the sibling will be placed on a waiting list.


    If my child is already attending KM Explore, will I need to re-apply each year?

    No, if your student is accepted into KM Explore they are enrolled for their K-5 academic years.


    If my child is placed on a waiting list, will they remain on the waiting list into future school years until a spot opens?  

    No. Waiting lists are only created for one school year.  If you are not drawn up from the waiting list, you can reapply for the following school year.