Pickup Procedures

  • Car pick up and car drop off is permitted ONLY in the staff supervised area behind the building (see map).

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    To make this work, all parents were required to respond how each child regularly gets home. 

    • Bus (Students escorted to the bus line by classroom teacher)
    • Parent Walk-in Pick-up (Students released from library)
    • After school activity 
    • Car Pick-Up Line in the back of the School (See Map)
    • After School Inc. daycare
    • Walk Home (Students released from library to a crossing guard)


    ****You must write a note to the classroom teacher each time for a change in plans from what you signed up for on this form. There will be no changes accepted after 3:00 p.m. unless it is an emergency.


    Cushing understands that some students have rotating schedules due to custody agreements. If this is the case for your student, please provide Cushing with a calendar that indicates which option the student will choose each day. Ideally, that calendar will be monthly or yearly. Please do not make daily changes. 

    Please call Cushing at 646-6731 if you have questions about this process.