Express - December 2017

  • Express is a news publication written and led by students of the Kettle Moraine School for Arts & Performance. 

    Below you will find articles featured in the December 2017 issue of Express. Watch for the next Express publication website, coming soon!
    KM Perform Focus Area Overviews
    By: Melissa Huber, Paige Kuhn, Ellie Oldenburg, and Kimberly Laberge

    Are you considering attending the Kettle Moraine School for Arts and Performance as a freshman in the coming years? You may have heard that "KM Perform" has four focus areas to choose from... but what are they all about?


    Can we guess what focus you're in based on these questions?

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    Meeting and Greeting KMHS Clubs
    By: Linnea Hietala

    Learn more about the clubs at KMHS and why you should consider joining one.

    Review: The Murders in the Rue Morgue
    By: Alexander Rader

    A review of an excellent short story written by Edgar Allan Poe.

    KlaudKast: The Indian Art of Tattooing
    By: Klaudia Rixmann

    Learn the meaning behind traditional Indian tattooing and how it affects the women who receive it. From being sexist to celebrative, tattooing and its design elements are developing a new culture among younger generations of women in India.

    Dear Jamie...
    By: Jamie Stanislawski and Amelia Anderson

    KM Perform students, Jamie Stanislawski and Amelia Anderson, share their academic advice in every issue of Express.

    How to Help Animal Shelters During Natural Disasters
    By: Jamie Stanislawski

    Learn how to help animal shelters during times of natural disasters without having to put yourself in danger.

    Illustrate Your Gratitude
    By: Klaudia Rixmann

    The Mukwonago Community Library is holding an art show. Last call for pieces!

    Kettle Moraine Choirs' New Gala: A Welcome Change
    By: Sylvia LaGalbo

    The Kettle Moraine High School Choirs introduced a nefundraising event: Songs in the Key of Color.


    Waukesha Civic: Grander than Ever in Notre Dame
    By: Kimberly Laberge

    Performance Review: Waukesha Civic Theatre outdoes themselves with The Hunchback of Notre Dame, with each element of the show treated with professional-level grandeur.


    Kettle Moraine High School 2017 One Act Competition
    By: Chelsea Rowley

    Kettle Moraine School for Arts and Performance recently went to sectionals with their abstract, and unique one act show entitled Cagebirds.


    KM Drama Club Presents The Hobbit
    By: Robb Colón

    Learn more about Kettle Moraine High School Drama Club's fall play: The Hobbit.


    The Mystery of Room 407
    By: Cameron Cooley and Emma Kuehn

    Join two freshman students, Oliver and Jackson, as they encounter new people and solve the biggest mystery of their high school careers - who stole Oliver's school planner?

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    Zero to Horror in Eighteen Classes
    By: Charlie Blue and Nicole Wartgow

    Students at Kettle Moraine School for Arts and Performance turn short stories into films.


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