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  • Growing Through Transition

    We are incredibly proud to recognize and celebrate the Kettle Moraine High School Campus class of 2021, who enjoyed an outdoor graduation ceremony with family and friends June 6.  The transition from an indoor ceremony, which had been the practice for over a dozen years, was a refreshing and invigorating experience. It was also a tremendous reminder to continually seek new approaches to improve our district as we transition to a new school year.

    As I watched those students cross the stage to accept their diplomas, it made me think about the importance of everyday transitions. We correctly place a plethora of ceremonial value on major transitions, like the jump from KM to the work force, military and higher education, but aren’t our daily changes and adjustments equally as important? Home to school, class to class, activity to activity, then home again - we have hundreds of interactions, opportunities for growth and a limitless amount of experiences.

    With every step our students take - kindergarten to first grade, elementary to middle school, eighth to high school, JV to varsity - they are stepping into new chances for learning. They are also developing the skills and knowledge outlined in our Graduate Profile to aid them with a lifetime of transitions, which, by definition is “the process or period of changing.” One could even argue a better definition would be a process of growth.

    As we grow closer to the end of another summer break and segue to a school year that will look very different from the past two, we look forward to new challenges, inside classrooms and out, and utilizing the Graduate Profile skills like critical thinking and communications skills. Being collaborators and engaged citizens. Being resilient and continuously learning. Growing from life’s transitions. I’m looking forward to it. And, seeing all those smiling faces!