Teaching & Learning Overview

  • Kettle Moraine enjoys a powerful legacy of high-achieving students, dedicated staff, and a committed community. At the heart of this success are the many rigorous and engaging opportunities available to our students. The Teaching and Learning Department of the Kettle Moraine School District is committed to providing leadership and support to all content areas and programs that impact student learning. Through integrated approaches to curriculum, technology, and personalized learning, the Teaching and Learning Department supports the district goal of Excellence through Academic Excellence, Citizenship and Personal Development.

    Facilitating the work of a school district is an awesome responsibility that relies on a “distributed leadership” model. Through the use of Directors of Learning (DoLs) and Learning Coaches, teachers are able to be a part of small teams of colleagues working toward similar content goals. DoLs, Learning Coaches and administrators guide teams to analyze data, goal development, and monitor student learning and engagement. Ongoing analysis results in a curriculum that is responsive to achievement trends and personal student needs. 

    Together we are making a difference!
    Kettle Moraine’s charge is to “better and more efficiently meet the needs of our students.”  
    Here are some great resources that have inspired our team on this awesome journey.

Personalized Learning for Student Success

Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the Learning Revolution