Click on the items below to see examples or to learn more about our curriculum. 


    Sample Seminars: Students choose seminars based on interests and credit goals. 


    Sample Inquiry Topics: An inquiry is an in-depth research project where students are able to explore a variety of content areas and learning targets in order to demonstrate high levels of critical-thinking and application. Inquiry topics are chosen based on a combination of student interests and credit goals.


    Global Competencies: Global citizenship curriculum is based on work done by EdSteps & the Asia Society.

    Leadership QualitiesOur leadership curriculum and student goals are based on the work of Daniel Goleman.

    Inquiry Research Process: The inquiry process follows four phases: identify, explore, evaluate, demonstrate. 

    Credit Opportunities: Students engage in learning through a variety of formats that include interdisciplanary seminars and projects, along with blended courses. This link will show you all of our credit areas.

    Student Progress and Tools
    KM Global is a competency based model that uses a variety of tools to manage student goals, credits and progress. 

    Field Experience Guide
    Students have the opportunity to earn credit for a variety of learning experiences beyond the walls of school. 

    Student PortfolioStudents create, monitor, and update a student portfolio that showcases their accomplishments. This is a portfolio that can be used for an external audience to defend evidence of learning, apply for post-secondary opportunities, employment, or scholarships/programs.