What is an Inquiry?

  • An inquiry is an in-depth research project where students are able to explore a variety of content areas in order to demonstrate high levels of critical-thinking and application. Inquiry topics are chosen based on a combination of student interests and credit goals, and students are supported through this process by an individual learning coach. Students use a variety of resources such as books, internet research, primary source materials, expert interviews, and field experiences to conduct their inquiry research. At the end of each semester, all students are required to demonstrate content mastery through a series of presentations including peer presentations, inquiry defenses with an expert panel, and a Community Showcase.  These venues provide the students with a variety of feedback and public speaking experiences.

Examples Inquiry Topics

      • What are the causes and effects of the major meteorological phenomena around the world?  
      • What strides have NFL stakeholders taken to make professional football safer for players?
      • What can be done about wildfires in the United States?
      • Why do humans lie?
      • What is the history of rock & roll, and how did it influence the United States?
      • How does alcoholism affect an individual on an external and internal level and in our society today?
      • What is the science behind anesthesia, and how has it advanced medicine?
      • How does a sports franchise economically impact its city?
      • What makes a good presidential or political candidate?
      • What is the impact of coding, and how is it used?
      • How does literature reflect events that occurred during the time periods they were written?
      • How have humans adapted to vision deterioration and disabilities?
      • How does mechanical engineering impact people’s lives today?
      • How does sleep affect the brain and the body?
      • How does plastic pollution affect the ecosystem of the ocean?
      • How has the evolution of social media impacted the women's rights movement?
      • How did the invention and advancement of film in coordination with television impact the United States during the Vietnam War?