Forms / Information

Guidelines for Participation

  • A green WIAA physical examination card is required for all students who wish to participate (including tryouts) in Interscholastic Sports. It must be signed by the physician and the parent. This card is valid for two years. On the alternate year of the physical exam, an ivory alternate year card must be signed by the parent. These cards are available in the Middle School Guidance Office.


    Most clubs and activities will meet after school. Students may not go home and then return for clubs and/or intramurals. Students involved in co-curricular activities WILL NOT be covered by an insurance policy provided by the School District. Students must leave the building at dismissal. On after-school activity nights, students must be out of the building by 4:15 p.m. unless staying for an athletic event. Students should make arrangements with parents for transportation. Supervisors at athletic events may remove any spectators who are behaving in an unsafe or unruly manner. If you miss an hour or more of school on an after-school activity day, you may lose the opportunity to participate in the game or activity.