• What is the High School of Health Sciences?
    The High School of Health Sciences is a public charter school that is part of the Kettle Moraine School District.  The school has been serving students in grades 9 through 12 since 2015.

    What is a charter school?

    Charter schools are public, non-religious, tuition free schools that are based on a performance contract with an authorizer. Public charter schools have operational and educational autonomy to implement innovative educational programs in return for accountability in the form of student achievement. Public charter schools must employ fully licensed teachers and cannot select students.

    There are two types of public charter schools. An instrumentality charter school is one that is part of the school district in which it resides. A non-instrumentality charter school resides within a district, but the school district and school board has no oversight of curriculum, fiduciary responsibility or management of the school.

    What kind of charter school is the High School of Health Sciences?

    HS2 is an instrumentality charter school. 

    How long has the school been open?

    The High School of Health Sciences opened in the fall 2014.

    Why is the High School of Health Sciences being developed now?

    High School of Health Sciences is being implemented to provide additional and dynamic learning opportunities for Kettle Moraine students. Additionally, the school and the support of its partners will help meet the employment need of area employers by proactively responding to regional trends. By the year 2020, positions in the health sciences field are expected to increase dramatically. The United States Bureau of Labor predicts a 25.9% increase in healthcare practitioner jobs as well as a 34.5% increase in healthcare support jobs during the same time span. In Waukesha County, 13 of the top 50 private employers are in the health sciences field and currently struggle to obtain and maintain staff to meet the rising demand.

    What grades will be served?

    Grades 9-12

    How many students can be enrolled?

    The High School of Health Sciences has a maximum of 200 students at 50 students per grade (9, 10, 11, & 12)

    Who are the educators that make up the High School of Health Sciences teaching staff?

    The High School of Health Sciences is made up of educators from multiple disciplines. They will work together to provide an interdisciplinary curriculum that provides students with relevant instruction in Math, Sciences, Reading, English and Social Sciences, centered around health science themes.

    Who are the Health Care Partners?

    Aurora Medical Center - Summit, The Medical College of Wisconsin, Lake Country Fire & Rescue, and ProHealth Care.

    Where is the main campus?

    HS2 will be located within the Kettle Moraine High School Campus.

    What are the contributions of the Health Care Partners?

    This school is focused on college and career readiness and place-based learning in a health science facility. Place-based learning would not be possible without a place and the partners will allow that opportunity. Adjunct faculty from the partner health care organization would also teach our students the college and career readiness skills and requirements for future success.
    Does the High School of Health Sciences have open enrollment?
    Yes. Students who live outside of the district boundaries whom wish to enroll in HS2 must follow the state’s open enrollment guidelines. Find out more about open enrollment by clicking here.
    Can students in the High School of Health Sciences also take classes at Kettle Moraine High School?
    Yes, students can take classes from Kettle Moraine High School. These are generally limited to art, music and world language courses.
    Will students in the High School of Health Sciences be prepared for the ACT/SAT? 
    Very much so. Students are required to take five credits of science, and four years of Math, English, and Social Science with AP offerings in all core subject areas. An ACT prep class will also be offered as a workshop.
    The High School of Health Sciences is centered around place-based learning with the school’s health care partners. How will freshmen and sophomores without transportation be transported to the medical facilities?
    HS2 does not provide transportation for independent outreach. All independent outreach requires students to be 16 and older.  Freshman and Sophomores will experience on-site outreach or transportation will be provided for the group.

    Students are required to complete two credits of health science outreach. The minimum is 100 hours per credit plus additional coursework and research. Some students may choose to integrate more outreach than others.
    How much time will students be spending off-site? 
    The High School of Health Sciences was developed under the leadership of educators and local health care partners as a way to increase opportunities for students to learn in an immersive environment and open the door to the dynamic jobs and paths available in the world of health care.