Wales/Explore Playground Initiative

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    Please join us in raising funds to build a new playground for KM Explore & Wales Elementary, a cornerstone of the Wales community for almost 50 years. We believe building strong relationships with our learners and their families is important in sustaining a positive culture. Our playground facilitates building those relationships between learners and families.

    The current playground was built in 2004 and has sections that are unusable by our learners and community because it is either broken or inaccessible. Our kids need better outdoor play options to promote health and wellness, to make recess more fun, and to provide a safe neighborhood gathering space for all kids.

    Over the last few years, the W.E. Campus PTO, through your contributions, has been able to raise $31,000. These fundraising monies will go towards our overall goal of $70,000 for the new playground equipment.

    New Playground Features:
    32 Active Play Events: decks, climbers, ramps, slides, balance/climbing features and play activity panels

    New Inclusive Playground Features:
    Brava Universal swing, Volta Inclusive spinner, Volito Multi-Person swing, elevated play events accessible by ramp, play events accessible by ground level, and Playbound Poured-in Place Surfacing

    A new playground with inclusive options is extremely important for meeting the needs of ALL our learners. We want our learners to be fully included and able to enjoy the playspace.

    Physical activity has been shown to have a positive impact on learning and we want to be sure that every student has the opportunity to play! Please consider supporting our new playground.

    **Donations can be made at or cash/check payments made out to W.E. Campus PTO dropped off at KM Explore/ Wales Campus**





    Aug-Jan 2022

    Design Ideation

    W.E. PTO, District Office and Administration with work Lee Recreation to design and develop plans for new playground

    Jan-Feb 2023

    Student Vote

    Students are offered the opportunity to vote on some of their favorite playground features such as a zip line, ninja obstacles, or rope tower

    Aug-Sept 2023


    W.E. Campus PTO implements playground focused fundraising efforts and events

    Aug 2023


    Old playground is taken down and removed

    Aug 2023


    The new playground starts to be assembled

    Sept 2023


    Playground is fully assembled and ready for the 2023/2024 school year

    Sept 2023

    Ribbon Cutting

    W.E. Campus PTO hosted ribbon cutting event at Great Start Conferences