• Governance Council Members

    Erica Bardon     bardone@kmsd.edu
    Barb Shaver      shaverb@kmsd.edu
    Bernard Bull      bernard.bull@gmail.com
    Karen Nipko      nipkoka@gmail.com
    Lori Kuhn          lorikuhn@wi.rr.com 
    Mike Purnell      belchfire6051@gmail.com
    Erica Dimka      dimkae@kmsd.edu
    Governance Council Structure

    KM Global will be directed by an independent Governance Council that will consist of not less than five (5) nor more than seven (7) members each serving a three-year term. The Board will include, but is not limited to, parent(s) or guardian(s) of students, Community professionals, KM Global staff, student representative, and community member(s). A majority of the Governance Council will be non K-12 educators. A majority of the Council will each serve a three-year term with the remainder of the Council serving a two-year term.  All terms of service thereafter will be on a 3 year cycle except for the KM student representative(s) who will serve 1 year terms.

    The Governance Council will meet monthly and an Annual Meeting will be each year with new members taking their seats at that time. Council by-laws will establish the protocol for nominating and electing members. Vacancies may be filled immediately for the remainder of an existing term. The KM Global Governance Council, working with the KM Global educator collaborative, shall oversee the operational, financial, educational, and collaborative aspects of KM Global. The KM Global Governance Council shall have the autonomy and decision making authority over: 

    • Budget expenditures of allocated budgets, grant funds, and funds donated specifically to the KM Global Charter School.
    • Personnel: The number of teachers and staff assigned to the school will follow the timelines and deadlines as articulated in Board of Education policies and United Lakewood Educators master bargaining agreement. Furthermore, KM Global teachers are subject to the provisions of the appropriate collective bargaining agreement(s). A MOU with collective bargaining states KM Global is not subject to district transfers without consultation from the KM Global Governance Council. The intent therein is to sustain the level of training and investment for effective implementation of the charter school’s distinctive pedagogy. All staff, including staff that are currently under the United Lakewood Educators Master Agreement, who wish to transfer to KM Global, must demonstrate competencies in the KM Global instructional design as articulated by the Governance Board, or be willing to receive such comprehensive training in such methodology.
    • Calendar and daily schedule
    • Curriculum and instruction
    • Policies and procedures specifically unique to the daily operations of the school that are not addressed in existing KMSD policies.
    • Marketing, registration, and enrollment
    • Charter School operations and procedures 

    Advisory Board

    An advisory board is a group of individuals that support the work of KM Global through their expertise and experience. They help to develop the strategic plan and extend the work of the governance council.