KM Global Forms

  • Flexible Schedule Request Form

    Use this form to submit a flexible schedule request for students who require a semester exemption to the closed-campus policy due to open campus eligibility, commuting, field work, or other regularly scheduled activities (sports, music lessons, etc.)


    Defense/Midterm Flexible Schedule Request Form

    Use this form to request temporary flexible schedule during midterm or defense week


    Field Experience Verification Form

    Use this form to document all individual field experiences including job shadows, volunteer work, camps, conferences, etc.


  • Please use the following forms when applicable.

    Accident Report


    Application for Free or Reduced Lunch - Children need healthy meals to learn.  The School District of Kettle Moraine offers healthy meals every school day.  Lunch costs $2.50 for elementary, between $2.85 and $3.60 for middle school and between $3.05 and $4.25 for high school.  Your children may qualify for free meals or for reduced price meals; or free milk under the Special Milk Program or the Wisconsin School Day Milk Program.  Reduced price is $.40 for lunch.

    Authorization to Administer Medication Form - Parents are encouraged to inform the school office of any medication that will be taken by their child during the school day. This applies to prescription as well as over-the-counter medicines whether self-administered or administered under the supervision of school personnel. A Medical Authorization Form must be completed and sent to the school office prior to any medication being administered by school personnel. 

    Enrollment Forms - please visit our Enrollment page for all required paperwork related to enrolling your child in the Kettle Moraine School District.

    Facility Use Agreement Form - All Kettle Moraine facilities are available for community use by completing a Facility Use Agreement Form. This includes use of gymnasiums and classrooms. The completed form should be sent to the Community Education Office. The address is listed on the form.

    Fund-Raising Form -
    School-sponsored fund-raising activities which take place outside of school by students must use this form. 

    Intradistrict Transfer Application
    - For elementary parents/guardians who wish to transfer their children to another KM elementary school outside their attendance school boundary.

    Medication Administration for Allergic Reaction Form

    Request for Dietary Modification Form
    Please fill out this form and return it to the school nurse.

    Request to Distribute Non-School Sponsored Literature Form - Non-school sponsored materials/literature may be distributed to students with the permission of the Superintendent and/or school principal. 

    Volunteer Applications - As a matter of protection for our students, we require a background check for all volunteers. Please complete and return the Volunteer Applicationto the school office.