KM Global Governance Council Members

  • Please meet the governance council of KM Global. Below is a brief introduction and statement from each council member describing his/her interest in this endeavor.   

    BARB SHAVER (Chair)

    Barb is a strong supporter of offering choice to children when it comes to their learning styles and environments and is thrilled that KMSD offers so many great choices to students. Barb is a parent of two children who have attended KM Global. Her older son graduated from Global and is now a student at American University in Washington D. C. Another son is in his fourth year at Global. Having two children who have experienced learning at KM Global provides the Governance Council with a unique perspective. Barb holds a Bachelor of Science in K-8 Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Master’s degree in Counseling. She has been a part of the Kettle Moraine School District for 29 years, serving as an elementary guidance counselor, kindergarten, second and fifth grade teacher. Barb is one of the founding teachers of KM Explore, the elementary school charter on the Wales Elementary Campus where she currently team teaches a class of 2nd and 3rd graders.

    ERICA BARDON (Vice-Chair and Educator)

    Erica has been teaching in the Kettle Moraine District for 11 years. As the School Coordinator and Business/Marketing teacher she works with KM Global students through inquiry, seminar, and field experiences. She enjoys incorporating real world, hands-on, collaborative activities that encourage students to become critical, innovative thinkers into her teaching. Erica received her bachelor’s degree from UW-Madison in Consumer Science with a concentration in Marketing and her Master’s degree from UW-Whitewater in Business and Marketing Education. Prior to teaching, she also dabbled in the corporate environment in Human Resources, Financial Services, Marketing, and Sales.

    "The idea of giving students the opportunity to learn in a flexible environment centered around their passions is very exciting. I am very interested in helping students develop the leadership and employability skills necessary to be more successful in their future endeavors. Creating partnerships between the community and students to expand their knowledge of classroom content into a more ‘real’ experience is something that I am passionate about bringing to KM Global."



    Bernard currently serves as Chief Innovation Officer, Assistant Vice President of Academics, and Associate Professor of Education at Concordia University Wisconsin. He completed his undergraduate studies at CUW with a B.A. in education, history, and theology. He also has a M.A. in curriculum and instruction (Concordia University Chicago), a Master of Liberal Studies (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), and an Ed.D. in instructional technology (Northern Illinois University) where he focused upon the social and ethical implications of technology in education. His research focuses upon educational entrepreneurship, futures in education, and the intersection of education and digital culture. Bernard is author of Missional Moonshots: Insight and Inspiration in Educational Innovation and What Really Matters: Ten Critical Issues in Contemporary Education. He also blogs at, which is consistently ranked in the top 150 education blogs on the Internet.


    Karen brings a background in marketing and program direction. She is a long time district resident.

    "I want to make a difference for our kids and enjoy the opportunity to be a life long learner myself. It is wonderful to make a difference and be involved on the ground floor of such an innovative project."

    TOM WONDRA (Parent Representative)

    Tom is a parent of six children. The youngest is currently a freshman at KM Global, having attended Create for two years at KMMS. As her parent, Tom had a front row seat to the first two years of a new charter school. It was a wonderful, exciting, frustrating experience, one that required flexibility and trust in the process. Tom has been in the business world for 30 years. He has worked in manufacturing, chemicals, steel and life science / pharma verticals. He is process oriented, with a keen eye toward how to improve. But, not change for change sake, only change if needed. Tom has served on volunteer boards for local community and church organizations, and currently serves on the Board of the 2nd largest soccer club in Wisconsin.

    Tom sees a future where Charter schools, like KM Global, are the norm. Where even though the learning style and approach are quite different than when parents went to school, the benefits are clearly understood. He also sees a future where students aren’t making decisions based on which high school their friends are attending, but one where there are ample opportunities to socialize between schools.


    MIKE PURNELL (Parent Representative)

    Michael and wife Cindi, have a strong belief in the personalized learning approach. Their knowledge of this approach comes from their children. At Wales’s elementary school their youngest Payton was enrolled in the Explorer program and then graduated from the Create Program at the KM Middle School.As an incoming freshman she is enrolled in the KM Global Program. Their oldest Dakota attends Nature’s Classroom Montessori. This schools approach expands the educational scope beyond the classroom and encourages the growth of children through academics, the environment and community awareness. Dakota will be graduating from high school at the end of this upcoming school year. Presently Mike serves on the Parent Advisory Board for NCM board and reports directly to the Director of the school. As NCM’s approach expands the educational approach beyond the classroom his hope is he can expand the council's approach through his business experiences. While not an educator he has owned and run companies employing 2 to 30 individuals. He is confident that he can be of some valuable service to the council. But above all it is his strong commitment to the program and its mission. 


    EMMA HEALY (Student Representative)

    Emma is a senior at KM Global, and has attended KM Global all four of her high school years. Emma has been one of her grade level representatives on KM Global’s Student Advisory Board for three years, and was elected chairman of the board this year. Emma is excited to work with other members of the board to improve her school.