Board Members


    Tara is an attorney practicing in the Milwaukee and Madison metro areas.  After an early career in business litigation, Tara now concentrates her practice in the areas of estate planning, business succession and fiduciary law.  Having two children in KM schools for several years, she has witnessed how KM is transforming K-12 education.  Today, Tara serves as President for KMEF, building community partnerships, raising funds for investment into KM schools and, ultimately, working to better connect our community based around the KM education experience.

    Vice President

    Jenny is an international tax adviser with nearly 25 years of experience in international tax research, planning and compliance, as well as defending international and domestic audits with tax authorities. Jenny has held positions as international tax director at large multinational companies, including some of Wisconsin’s top Fortune 500 companies, as well as at a national public accounting ?rm. Jenny’s experience allows her to bring valuable insight and leadership to to the management of the funds entrusted to KMEF. Jenny Chapman has 2 children in KM schools and has volunteered her service to the KMEF board since 2015.  In addition to her role as KMEF President, Jenny serves on KMEF’s Scholarship Selection Committee.




    Connie is an experienced financial advisor to senior management with a superior reputation for financial planning, risk management, capital investment, and profit planning solutions that have driven down debt, increased revenues, and established solid financial standing. She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with an MBA and Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.  Connie previously served as Director of Finance & Operations and Planning Director at the Women’s Center and Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee, respectively. As volunteer Treasurer for our organization since 2015, Connie brings extensive non-profit expertise and incredible value to the sound management of KMEF finances.



    Heather is a dedicated KM parent and community volunteer whose background ranges from working as a facilitator for a Navy employee assistance program to her work for The Women’s Center, a well-established local nonprofit organization.  Heather and her family have lived abroad in far-reaching places including China, Italy, and England where her daughters attended regional schools, allowing Heather to observe different educational systems. These experiences have lead to an appreciation for the flexible mindset taught through the KMSD mission and vision and also as reflected in the KM Graduate Profile.  Heather views these tools as essential to the success of our students who will soon enter tomorrow’s ever-changing global economy. Heather serves on our board to build awareness of the KMEF mission and vision, helping ensure that current and future students of KM will continue to receive excellence in K-12 education.  


    Board Member

    Greg is President and Partner of G-Brock's Auto Repair, located next to Dousman Elementary and KM Middle School. In 2009, Greg and his business partner opened G-Brock's founded on the idea that there can be old fashioned business practices in a technologically advanced world.  That guiding principle makes for an excellent match with the KMEF mission and vision of bringing innovative ideas to education while also supporting good old fashioned character development. Greg’s initiative and community involvement, along with his independent and creative thinking, will help the Foundation make a bigger impact as we work to sustain the KMEF mission.    


    Board Member


    Profile coming soon.


    Board Member

    Greg has over 30 years of success as an international business executive leading startup and product development initiatives for several Fortune 50 companies including IBM, AT&T, Time Warner and more. He is also active on several company and non-profit boards in SE Wisconsin.  Greg and his wife, Kathleen, are former KM parents who now work together in real estate serving clients in the Lake Country/Kettle Moraine area. His business acumen and results-driven approach will help KMEF grow and explore new partnership relationships.

    Board Member

    Char Hall is a former KM administrator and a tireless advocate for the Kettle Moraine School District and the communities it serves.  Char was the KM Middle School Principal for 14 years and has been a resident of the Kettle Moraine School District for 28 years. After retiring in 2006, Char has volunteered throughout the community, including current service on boards and committees for ProHealth, Oconomowoc Hospitals and the Greater Delafield Community Fund.  Char’s extensive knowledge of our community, its resources, needs and strengths brings tremendous value to the KMEF mission. Char serves on KMEF’s Scholarship Selection Committee. Char resides with her husband, Stu, in Delafield.  


    Board Member

    Profile coming soon.

    Board Member, KM Educator

    For some, teaching is a true calling. After seven years of reporting on a fast-paced and challenging beat, including the courts, county land use, human interest, and education in the Los Angeles area, Terry Kaldhusdal made an exciting discovery. Although he loved reporting, his true calling was teaching.  As an educator, Terry strives to create an environment where students can discover a passion for learning and then flourish as they learn how to pursue their genuine interests. KM has been lucky to have Terry on board, educating students and inspiring colleagues since 1993. This dedicated teacher, writer, local historian and documentary film producer has been volunteering his time in service as a KMEF board member since 2005.


    Board Member

    Kathy Kapsy is a long-time resident of the Kettle Moraine community, where she has worked as a freelance writer for Lake Country Reporter and Safety Officer/Driver Trainer for Dousman Transport for over 20 years. Kathy also taught writing and communications at WCTC and has served on the Board of Education for Kettle Moraine Schools for 6 years.  Kathy believes that KMEF plays a significant role in providing our students with opportunities that benefit their growth and improve the Kettle Moraine school environment. She is dedicated to district-wide community service, fueling enthusiasm for KMEF’s mission and vision throughout the community. Kathy’s daughter graduated from KMHS in 2014.

    Board Member

    It takes someone special to teach someone special.  Gail teaches students with disabilities at KMHS. She has been a KM teacher since 1990 and is a long-serving KMEF board member.  As a teacher and parent in this district, Gail hopes to build awareness and inspire the community into action by promoting KMEF’s mission and vision. Gail knows that community awareness will allow KMEF to continue to create new and more impactful opportunities for continued excellence in KM education. Gail serves on the KMEF board to give back to the district.


    Board Member

    Amy is an Assistant Professor at Cardinal Stritch University in the College of Education and Leadership which is well-known for preparing and sustaining leaders who are catalysts for positive transformation of individuals, organizations, and communities.  Amy and her husband grew up in the Waukesha County area and recently relocated to the Kettle Moraine School District where their three children are now enrolled.  Amy’s background in education leadership and innovation, combined with her active involvement as a member of our community brings tremendous opportunity for the growth of our Foundation.


    Superintendent, Kettle Moraine School District
    ex officio KMEF Board Member (non-voting member)

    Pat Deklotz is Superintendent for our high performing district that serves over 4,000 students. Under Pat’s leadership, the Kettle Moraine School District has embraced the School Board’s charge to transform schools to better and more efficiently meet the needs of all students. The district has created three instrumentality charter high schools, one multiage project-based elementary charter school, and a project-based, interdisciplinary multi-age middle school house. These learning environments serve to inform the district’s work in competency-based education.


    Working to personalize learning for all students across the district, Kettle Moraine is also personalizing learning for staff. Deeper learning and micro-credentialing provide a foundation for the redefinition of educator compensation and the development of career pathways.


    As a non-voting member of KMEF, Pat serves as an invaluable liaison between KM Schools and this Foundation, helping to ensure that KMEF has sufficient information to allow its board to build impactful community relationships and make sound investments back into KM schools. Follow this link for Dr. Deklotz’s complete biography.  

    Director of Public Information & Community Engagement, Kettle Moraine School District
    ex officio KMEF Board Member (non-voting member)

    Melinda Mueller is responsible for the comprehensive development and implementation of the vast array of family and community communications and engagement initiatives for the Kettle Moraine School District.   A strategic thinker with broad communications experience and extensive knowledge of KMSD priorities, Melinda’s commitment to KMEF helps bring its mission and vision to life. Through providing valuable insight gleaned from her experience in working with other similar foundations and organizations, Melinda is helping KMEF build a presence and grow meaningful relationships throughout the community. Melinda’s involvement ultimately helps KMEF serve to support the professional development of our educators and academic excellence for our students. Melinda and her husband, Jon, have two children in Kettle Moraine Schools.