Students New to KM High School for 2018-19

  • As with the middle school program, the TPP at the high school level involves families and the Kettle Moraine School District sharing the cost of a computer for a student to use at school and home. At the end of your student’s high school career, your family will own the computer.


    Based on feedback we have received from our middle school and high school students, they would like to see more options with touchscreens, larger screens, and faster performance. The four devices (listed below) are the options for the 2018-19 school year and will be on display at KM Middle School from mid-May until June 8th for 8th graders to view. Parents who wish to see the devices may visit the middle school during school hours and check in at the office. Detailed technical specifications are available here.

    • 50.00/year : 11.6” Acer Touchscreen Chromebook (R751T)
    • 65.00/year : 13.3” Acer Touchscreen Chromebook (CB5-312T-K5X4)
    • 65.00/year : 11.6” Windows laptop (possible touchscreen) - final model to be selected in June
    • 90.00/year : 13.3” Touchscreen Windows laptop - final model to be selected in June

    *Windows laptops will be available at the MS with the hardware specification we are bidding, but final model may not be the exact one displayed.


    Payments will be due from families each year during the back-to-school registration process. The program covers insurance and maintenance on the device for four years. With the change to touchscreen devices, our insurance program will cover the first damaged/broken screen. Any subsequent screen replacements will require a $100.00 deductible payment from the family.


    Families who qualify for fee waivers are not required to make the payment and may still participate in the program, however they will not own the device at the end of high school unless payments are made.


    If you do not wish to participate in the high school TPP, your child has the option to use his/her Chromebook from middle school, or you may purchase a device to send with your child to school each day.


    Distribution of devices will be during the first week of school.


    Questions about the TPP at the high school may be directed to:

    • KMSD Director of Technology Services Bob Boyd - or 262-968-6300 ext. 5351 
    • KMHS Campus Technology Support Specialist Amanda Gill - or 262-968-6200 ext. 5355