Procedure for Adding a New Sport

  • Students, teachers, staff, or parents may initiate the process of establishing a new sport or expanding an existing sport to another level. The steps listed below will be followed.

    • All requests to establish a new sport or expand an existing sport to another level will initially be presented in writing to the Kettle Moraine High School Director of Athletics.
    • The Athletic Director will take the request to the school Principal for comment and approval for consideration within three weeks.
    • If the Principal approves the request for consideration, the Principal or designee forwards the request to the Superintendent, with his/her comments within three weeks.
    • The Superintendent, Principal, and Athletic Director gather information about each of the elements for consideration of the proposal for approval or disapproval.


    Ryan Tomczyk
    Director of Athletics
    Kettle Moraine School District

    349 Oak Crest Drive
    Wales, WI. 53183
    262-968-6200 ex. 4066