Hear what the community is saying

  • Hello my name is Julie Wells and I have three children who attend KM schools.  Brendan is in ninth grade at the high school and my twin girls, Kayla and Chandler are 7th graders at KM middle school. I am often motivated to attend the KM PRN events because the topics are varied and interesting.  I always leave with some new information that I hadn't known or heard about.  However, the main reason I enjoy the presentations is they provide me with a sense of hope.  Oftentimes parents are left with the feeling that the challenges we have are ours alone and that is just not true.  Together, we are able to bring our ideas and problems to these meetings and hopefully provide a suggestion or work out a solution.  To know that we have this instruction available for us to utilize can empower us as parents.  ~Julie Wells 


    I really appreciate the education the KM Parent Resource Network provides parents in the Kettle Moraine School District. I have learned several strategies and tips from attending their events. They are truly focused on helping us navigate a new world with our children, from pre-school through their teenage years. Not every school district has a free resource like this. Kettle Moraine is very fortunate.  ~Melinda Mueller, parent of two children at Dousman Elementary and KMSD Director of Communications and Community Engagement


    I have both facilitated and participated in KM PNR events because I believe in the importance of parents supporting parents. KM PNR offers a unique and valuable opportunity for parents to come together to learn from each other and, with that knowledge, improve outcomes for their children. ~Sonia Wichmann, MS, LPC, LMFT, Tree of Life Counseling and KMHS parent


    I have been going to the coffee chats for two years now. I find them to be very interesting and informative.  What I love the best about them is the casual feeling and being able to share my stories as well as listen to other parents. It helps to know that as a parent I am not alone in my concerns and questions. I find a lot of support in these small but powerful get-togethers.  I also enjoy the variety of people who attend these coffee chats from elementary parents to high school parents to out of district parents to people who work with children. We even had one mom who came from Hartford.  Most of the people who come are moms but there have also been a few dads who have come seeking answers to parenting questions.  I think it's important to offer this kind of community support to the KMSD parents and others. ~Birgitta Hietala, KMMS parent of 2 daughters and new KM PRN committee member   


    I want to be prepared for the challenges that face parents and kids and KM PRN has done a wonderful job of bringing in top-notch speakers, many of whom are known nationally, to share their expertise and guide us to help us be informed and feel supported. They have offered numerous presentations (that are free of charge!) on subjects like bullying, brain development, drug and alcohol awareness, proper diet, raising financially responsible kids, and parenting strategies to name a few - there is truly a diverse offering of seminars whether you have high school age kids or are just starting out in an elementary school! I am grateful for the PTO donations that help support this most important work. I appreciate all the volunteers and countless hours that go into planning the presentations, coffee chats, and book clubs. I volunteered for this group to help spread the word and encourage you to visit the website to learn more about the amazing opportunities we have to become stronger parents and champions for our children! ~Heather Pautz, parent of 1st & 3rd grade sons at Dousman Elementary School and KM PRN committee member for 4 years


    The KM Parent Resource Network events that I have attended have been extremely insightful and useful both with our family and with my scout troop. Thank you for taking the time to put together such great presentations. ~Teresa Dulde, parent of a daughter at KM Middle School


    KM PRN has given me a VOICE!!  When I began researching starting a parent group, I was focused on my passion to increase drug & alcohol education in our district.  But as I talked to more parents and looked at the “parent network” model at the Elmbrook district, I saw a need for more comprehensive parenting education encompassing a wide variety of topics.  Like every district, we have parents who are helping kids who are struggling with bullying issues, stress & anxiety, relationship skills, body image and healthy eating, etc. – across all ages & grades.  Even though all districts and their parents face these problems, few districts actually have a resource like this!  The KM PRN committee grew as parents with their own unique family stories and parenting support needs came together so we could learn together and from each other.  I have met wonderful parents from all KM schools who want to be the best parents they can be!  I have had the opportunity to work with many KM staff members:  our superintendent, many principals and other administrators, teachers, library media specialists, and counselors.  I have also represented the KM PRN on the Waukesha County Drug Free Communities Coalition, introducing me to great people throughout our county.  I have grown so much as a person, gaining confidence and leadership skills while forging lasting relationships.   I am grateful that I was able to have this type of volunteer experience during my family’s time at KM.   ~Renee Manion, KM PRN founder and parent of 2 daughters, KMHS Senior and UW-Madison Senior


    Last year, I had the privilege of working with the KM PRN to design and facilitate the coffee chat series. What an amazing and dedicated group of parent volunteers! As a mental health therapist in the area, I find programs like the KM PRN are helpful and necessary to support families throughout all stages of growth and development. The information and support that is experienced at these events ignite a unified feeling for parents and families who need help or who can share their own stories for the benefit of others. In my own experience as facilitator and member of the group, I have been impressed by the willingness of others to support each other, provide valuable information and resources and the friendships and connections that have been formed. The old saying, “it takes a village” is certainly a wise concept and one that is sometimes under-utilized in our society as a whole.  Community efforts to bring people together to support and care for each other are difficult to find.  How valuable to our community that there a wonderful group of volunteers striving to help members and families in our Kettle Moraine School District thrive and grow.  ~Judith M. Crabb, MS, LPC, NBCC, psychotherapist and KMHS parent


    It's so great to have such quality programing available solely meant to help us be better educated and informed parents!!! The parent resource network offers topics appealing to parents of children at all stages whether it be adolescent brain development, bullying, drug education, and technology challenges as well as planning for college. It is an incredibly helpful tool for the entire Kettle Moraine community!! ~Tanya Maas, parent of KMMS & KMHS students


    The Kettle Moraine Parent Resource Network provides a venue where our school parents and the whole community can gather to discuss and share the journey of parenting our young people today.  The KM PRN has been fortunate to have the leadership and resources to find and engage experts to help us be smarter and wiser in this important role.  ~Mike Comiskey, KM Middle School Principal


    I'm a nurse & I'm often asked, “What's the hardest job you've ever had?”  The answer is simple-being a parent. Five years ago you would have seen a helicopter single mom who thought she had all the answers to parenting.  I even told others how to parent.  Fast forward 5 years...after attending KM PRN events I have learned that parenting takes a village.   Parenting is a 24/7 job with no exact job description, but the KM PRN provides helpful “continuing education”.  By attending presentations on various topics like nutrition, building relationships with our kids, internet safety, and drug prevention, I now have a toolbox that is filling up with the tools that I need to raise my kids in today's ever changing society. ~Joey Thims, mother of 2 KMHS students and a KMHS graduate and KM PRN committee member for 4 years


    The KM PRN is a vital educational piece in our district as they work to educate parents during every stage of their journey.  The execution of their vision not only allows parents to positively engage within our school community but also equips parents to have greater engagement with their children.  They work in sync and collaboratively with the programming of our School Counseling team to reinforce what our students are learning in the classroom, increasing parent-skills to keep our students safe, healthy and on the road to college and career readiness.  Likewise, the investment of the KM PRN to increase positive parental involvement helps to maximize protective factors for our children and lessens risk factors towards unhealthy behaviors.  ~Alissa Darin, KM Lead 6-12 Grade Counseling and AODA Coordinator