Past Event Overviews

  • 2017-2018 School Year – Year #7:  Current programming year

    • Large Group Events
      • Parenting the Strong Willed Child presented by Kathy Duffek of Parents Place
      • Screenagers: Growing Up in the Digital Age, Two showings – 9 AM at Brandybrook Community Center and 6:30 PM at KMHS Auditorium
        • Our panelists included:
          • Holly Myhre, Director of Digital Learning for the KM School District
          • Ryan Chudada, Computer Technician with the KMSD Technical Services Department
          • Deanna Marincic, Founder & Owner of Gals Institute, Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist who has been treating individuals, families, and youth for over 20 years
          • Samantha Wilson, Associate Professor of Pediatrics in the division of Child Development at the Medical College of Wisconsin. (evening panel only)
        • We also held a resource fair in the KMHS lobby prior to the evening showing of the documentary
      • Positive Parenting and Resiliency Training presented by Alissa Darin, KM Director of Learning K-12 Guidance
    • Pediatric Brain Development: Conception through Early Adulthood, presented by Dr. Brian M. Fidlin
      • Help! My Teen is Dating! Video featuring Mike Domitrz, founder of the Date Safe Project with post video discussion by Alissa Darin, KM Director or Learning K-12 Counseling

    • KM Coffee Chats
      • How To Be Mindful in Order to Create a Stress-Free Family by Marie Coakley
      • Reinventing a Healthier Kitchen Pantry by Dr. Kacie Estes Walters
      • YOU with 20/20 Vision!, part #1 of a 3 part “New Year Personal Development” coffee chat series presented by Joanne Angeli of Newheart Coaching
      • Admit It! You’re Stuck in a Rut!, part #2 of 3
      • Meet Your Future Self-Waiting for YOU!, part #3 of 3

    2016-2017 School Year – Year #6

    • Large Group Events
      • Positive Parenting and Resiliency Training presented by Alissa Darin, KM Director of Learning K-12 Guidance
      • Help! My Teen is Dating! Video featuring Mike Domitrz, founder of the Date Safe Project with post video discussion by Alissa Darin
      • Why the {Bad} Social Media Activity: Understanding Adolescent Behaviors around Social Media Use presented by Deanna Marincic of Gals Institute
      • Building Parent-Child Relationships presented by Kathy Duffek of Parents Place
      • Coping Skills and Stress Management presented by Dr. Gary Gregg
      • Raising Kids Who Are Effective Learners, Thinkers, and Problem Solvers presented by KM Explore Director Laura Dahm and KMHS Associate Principal Mike Vuolo

    • KM Coffee Chats
      • The Resilient Child:  Helping Children to Cope with Stress and Anxiety by Marie Coakley
      • Creating a Family Mission Plan by Deanna Marincic of Gals Institute
      • Optimal Health through Your Digestive Tract by Janet Golownia
      • Parenting So Children Will Learn and Achieve by Dr. Jacqueline Borthwick



    2015-2016 School Year – Year #5

    September 2015

    "The 12 Traits of a Leader" - September 30, 2015.  Everyone leads, even if they only lead themselves. The best leaders lead themselves well and eventually discover that other people are following. There are 12 crucial qualities that every leader must have in order to lead himself well and thereby make a positive impact on others. Join Kimberly Krueger as we learn what these 12 traits are and find out how you can increase the odds that your child will have them.


    October 2015

    Communication and Connection” a coffee chat facilitated by Sonia Wichmann, LPC, LMFT, October 14.

    Poor communication patterns can develop over time undermining the foundation of our relationships. Busy work schedules, family responsibilities, financial stress etc. can lead to bad habits that hinder our connection to others. By the time we notice the growing distance it can be difficult to change, leaving us feeling alone and confused. This can be particularly difficult as our children move out and we become “empty-nesters”. If you would you like to improve your connection with your partner and/or others, while modeling highly effective communication skills for your children, please join us as we explore and discuss as a group the four biggest communication errors we all make and how to change them. Our facilitator, Sonia Wichmann, is a licensed marriage and family therapist with Tree of Life Counseling and Mediation Services in Wales.  


    November 2015

    “The Power of Parents: A Family’s Best Defense for Drug Prevention”, Tuesday, November 3.

    Parents are Powerful!! Kids who learn about the risks of drugs from their parents are significantly less likely to use drugs! Despite what some parents may think, research shows that parental influence is the most important factor in helping to keep teens safe- more important than what teens see on TV & social media or hear from friends & teen icons. Knowledge is powerful too! Speakers include Your Choice, the Metro Drug Unit from the Waukesha County Sheriff, and Alissa Darin, 6-12 grade KM school counselor.   


    “Maximize Your Family’s Health through Informed Food Choices” a coffee chat facilitated by Annette O’Leary Quinn, Nurse Practitioner, Wednesday, November 11.   Do you want to know how to maximize your health or heal your body through nutritional choices?

    Learn the latest evidenced based science of eating well. This talk will focus on antioxidant and anti-Inflammatory foods in very practical terms. Annette will take the mystery out of healthy eating and help you to design a nutritional plan to meet your personal needs. Our facilitator has been Nurse Practitioner since 1987 in the area of women’s health. Her practice focus has been on encouraging wellness and disease prevention through positive life style choices such as healthy nutrition and exercise. Annette is currently a nursing faculty at WCTC and she is also on the education board at the nonprofit group NuGenesis Farms.


    January 2016

    "Confident, Resilient Kids in Five Easy Steps" - January 20 by Kimberly Krueger

    Learn the 5 tried and true steps that when used again and again will grow your child's self-confidence and resiliency, decrease anxiety levels and build their character. These steps work for kids of all ages: elementary through high school! 


    “Discover Natural Wellness with Essential Oils”, a coffee chat on Wednesday, January 27

    Far more than mere fragrances, essential oils are highly concentrated plant essences that carry powerful therapeutic benefits. Their soothing properties may help with sleep, headaches, stress, skin conditions, digestion, and much more. At this interactive KM PRN Coffee Chat, representatives from doTERRA will teach us how to naturally give our immune systems a boost and clean out our medicine cabinets and cleaning products. There will be a free drawing, but no purchase is necessary. Coffee donated by Café Buzzz in Wales. 


    February 2016

    “The Anatomy of the Adolescent Brain” - February 10 by Dr. Brian Fidlin, Psy.D., licensed clinical psychologist with Milwaukee Psychiatric Physicians Chartered

    A straight forward discussion of pediatric brain development and the impact it has on decision making, emotions, and risk taking from childhood through the teenage years.

    “Self-Care: Using Mindfulness Practices to Find Balance in Our Lives” a coffee chat on Monday, February 22 
    Learn how the basic principles of “Yogic Philosophy” that include the Yamas (how we treat the world) and the Niyamas (how we treat ourselves) help us to establish healthy boundaries between our work, family lives, and personal needs. Our facilitator and Yoga 4 All owner, Marie Coakley, will discuss the relevance of these ten clarifying principles to finding balance and peace within our stressful modern world.  Simple mindfulness practices that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine at home or at work will be demonstrated to help build self-awareness, de-clutter the mind and reduce stress.  These techniques can be used by all ages and are beneficial for all members of your family!  Marie has worked in the field of medical Speech-Language Pathology for over thirty years, has been an avid yoga student for over a decade, completing her yoga teacher training in 2009. She is passionate about sharing the benefits of these practices with others so that they can feel their best and maximize their personal potential.  


    March 2016
    “Helping Kids Navigate the Digital World Safely 2.0”-- Wednesday, March 2 presented by the KMSD library media specialist team. 

    Back by Popular Demand! The KM Parent Resource Network invites you to this updated presentation that will help you keep your kids’ online interactions safe, productive, and positive! Parents will learn about popular apps kids are using and what you need to watch for. Also, you will learn how important privacy settings are and about parental controls on different devices.   Parents will come away from this event with a family toolkit filled with valuable information and tips on talking to your kids about sharing and posting information, photos & videos online properly in order to avoiding digital drama! This event is recommended for parents of elementary through high school students. 


    April 2016

    “How to Make Healthy Habits Stick!” a KM Parent Resource Network Coffee Chat, Monday, April 11, 11:00 am to 12:30 pm at Yoga 4 All in Wales.
    Are you frustrated by the fact that you know what you should eat to be healthy (and potentially lose weight), but find it extremely difficult to actually make this a lasting change!  This month’s facilitator, Janet Golownia of PurBalance Yoga Therapy, will help us learn about what is really behind creating new healthy habits that you can maintain for a lifetime.  Janet is a yoga therapist and certified health coach who is passionate about unlocking the body’s ability to heal itself through a variety of yoga tools and nutrition.  She has learned from healing her own health issues of hypothyroidism, depression and multiple sclerosis that healing takes place not only on the physical level but also the energetic and emotional levels.  We are not going to just talk!  You are also going to take what you learn and put it into practice right away. 


    “Wake Up Call-Signs of Alcohol and Drug Use Hidden In Plain Sight”, April 14-23, 138 North Avenue, Hartland – Enter at street level, additional parking behind the building. 

    This is a unique life-size exhibit of a teen’s bedroom with more than 20 “red flags” that can signal drug or alcohol use in order to educate parents and other adults so they know what seemingly innocent items can actually be an indication of substance abuse.  The “Wake Up Call” bedroom identifies spots where teens may hide drugs, household items that can be used as drug paraphernalia and ways teens try to cover up drug and alcohol use. Guided tours of the bedroom will run every 30 minutes and are led by persons in recovery who as teens used these items and hiding spots or parents who saw these things first-hand in their own homes.  Each person attending the exhibit will leave with a folder of valuable resources.   This is a collaborative effort between the KM Parent Resource Network, Your Choice (in same building), Oconomowoc Parent Education Network and Waukesha County Drug Free Communities.   Adults only (21 and older) are allowed to tour the bedroom.  For more information about public tour hours or to set up a private tour for groups of 8 or more adults, contact the Your Choice office at 262-367-9901 or visit their website at


    2014-2015 – Year #4

    • Large Group Events
    • Teaching a Growth Mindset
    • Raising Healthy Children in an Unhealthy Culture
    • Raising Financially Aware Kids
    • Empowering Kids to Cope with Stress, Anxiety and Other Life Challenges Using a Whole Brain Approach
    • Building a Culture of Safety in Our Schools” presented by the KM School District Safety Committee. A collaborative event with the KMSD
    • Helping Kids Navigate the Digital World & Social Media Safely
    • Teen Parties: A Family Survival Guide held in collaboration with the Oconomowoc Parent Education Network at Aurora Summit Medical Center 
    • Stairway to Heroin: A Bridge to Action-Communities Coming Together featuring guest speaker Robert Stutman which had an audience of 700. The KM PRN participated in this multi-school district event at Westbrook Church and a professional video of lake country community members titled “Now is the Time”


    • KM PRN Coffee Chat Series
      • Life Balance! How Do I Get That?
      • On Knowing Happiness
      • Developing A Healthy and Lasting Relationship with Your Child
      • Letting Go of Control
      • Life Transitions
      • Thoughts Become Things

    2013-2014 – Year #3

    • Large Group Events
      • Building Bridges: The F.A.I.T.H.F.U.L. Way
      • Bully-The award winning documentary by Lee Hirsh with a panel discussion held at the Oconomowoc Art Center. This was the first time we collaborated with the Oconomowoc Parent Network.  Our audience of over 450 people.
      • Healthy Directions-How to Guide Young People to Make Informed Decisions
      • Overload!! Recognizing anxiety, depression, and achievement stress in children, teens, and adults
      • The Power to Choose: Helping Kids Make the Right Choices about Drugs & Alcohol
      • An Encore Presentation of BULLY at KMHS Auditorium. Annie Jorgensen, Miss High School America, spoke after the film about “The Power of a Positive Teen”


    • KM PRN Coffee Chat Series – this was our first year for these daytime programs
      • Mothers, I Am Putting You on a Time Out
      • Why do I Have These Cravings?
      • The Body Image Conundrum
      • Wii vs. Weeee!



    2012-2013 – Year #2

    • Large Group Events:
      • A Little Change Can Make a Big Difference: Building 40 Developmental Assets at Home, School, and in the Community
      • The Anatomy of the Adolescent Brain
      • Harsh Words, Hurt Feelings. Helping Your Child Maintain Healthy Relationships
      • Reach Our Youth Before Drugs & Alcohol Do By Your Choice
      • Back by Popular Demand!! Brian Fidlin expanded on his October presentation on the adolescent brain
      • The Dark Side of The Digital Age: The Internet, Cell Phones, and Social Media


    • Also in 2012-2013 the KM PRN purchased “buddy boxes” for all six schools. Each school is using their box in slightly different ways, but generally they are being used for recognizing students who exhibit acts of kindness and in some cases, students can also report problems they are having with other students including bullying. 


    • First year of hosting the public service awareness campaign “Parents Who Host Lose the Most”. Continued in Year #3 and Year #4.  We anticipate participating in Year #5.



    2011-2012 – Our First Year of Organized Programs

    • Large Group Events:
    • No Child Should be Afraid to Go to School – Recognizing & Coping with Bullying
    • Winning Wellness in our Schools and How Parents can Support this at Home
    • Reaching our Youth Before Drugs & Alcohol Do
      • A Community of Support for ALL Youth – An Introduction of the 40 Developmental Assets
    • Book Clubs:
      • Protecting the Gift:  Keeping Children & Teenagers Safe (and Parents Sane) by Gavin De Becker.
      • Raising Cain:  Protecting the Emotional Lives of Boysby Dan Kindlon and Michael Thompson.
      • “Odd Girl Out – The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls” by Rachel Simmons.