How do we educate & inform?

  • Large Presentations (in the evening): Currently, the KM PRN organizes 5-6 events per year that are held at the Cushing Activity Center or KMHS auditorium. (The committee can vote to change that number.) These events cover a wide variety of topics ranging from building positive family relationships, helping students cope with stress and anxiety, growing leadership traits and assets, social media and digital safety, anti-bullying, adolescent brain development, proper nutrition, and reducing participation in risky behaviors such as drugs & alcohol, just to name a few. 
    KM PRN Coffee Chats (in the daytime): Again, the KM PRN organizes 5-6 of these small group events per year.  This is an opportunity to network with other KM parents as we share knowledge and experiences about various parenting topics.  Our expert facilitators will share a brief presentation on the topic, but the remainder of the time is spent in a discussion format. 
    KM PRN Website & Communications:  We work hard to provide parents with a wide variety of resources from past events including recommendations from our expert speakers.  We also have a special section titled “Teen Parties:  A Family Survival Guide”.  There is a calendar of our upcoming events, contact information, and meeting agendas and minutes.  We also use OPT IN to communicate to approximately 1000 subscribers.  The KMSD also posts all of our events and meetings on the online district calendar and center news.  Every school is asked to send out our communications via e-messengers and daily announcements.  We also submit our events to the KM Chronicle in the KM Index.  The KM PRN also has a Facebook page.
    Parents Who Host, Lose The Most: This is a public awareness campaign developed by the Drug-Free Action Alliance to educate parents, teens, and community members about the health and safety risk of serving alcohol at teen parties.  The other goal is to increase the awareness of and compliance with the underage drinking laws.  This is held in the spring and aligns with prom and graduation time.  The City of Delafield Police serves as our law enforcement agency of record, performing age compliance checks within their jurisdiction.  We also work with each school, local governments, businesses, and home owners to display signage.  The KM PRN also submits newspaper articles and/or editorials, and sends out opt in messages.  The “teen parties” section on our website supports this as well.  Other optional activities have also been done in the past.
    KM PRN Annual Planning Retreat: This all-day retreat in April is the when the work begins for our events for the next school year.  Our committee members collect and research potential speakers prior to the meeting.  We also survey our parents and staff prior to this meeting in order to plan events on topics parents want to learn about.  We assign “event owners” and begin mapping out our schedule for the next year.
    Central Registration Information Table: This is the most valuable time we have to get in front of the KM community with our information on events for the coming school year.  It is a time to meet new and returning parents in the district and remind all parents to “OPT IN” to the “Parent Resource Network”.  The goal of this time is to educate the KM community about the mission of the KM PRN, hand out event information, and invite them join our committee as well as to participate in all of our offerings.
    KM PRN Monthly Committee Meetings: These 90 minute meetings are held Sept.-Nov. and Jan.-May during the day at the district office.  These meetings are open to all.  The primary purpose of these meetings is to communicate information about upcoming events, provide feedback and evaluate past programs, update PTO and school communications, and discuss any other relevant issues.  The KM PRN understands that not everyone is able to attend these meetings so we also utilized email communications and post minutes on our website for those unable to attend these meetings.