KM PRN Volunteer Opportunities

  • PRN logo Interested in becoming a parent volunteer with the KM Parent Resource Network and want to learn more? 


    We are very proud of the work we do on the KM Parent Resource Network.  This section will provide you with a brief look at why and how we do the things that we do in this parent-to-parent organization.  We want to ensure that all KM schools and grade levels have a voice in our organization and we welcome new members at any time.  If you have any further questions, please contact any of the committee members listed in the “contact us” section.  We are happy to meet with you!  Thank you for your interest in the KM PRN!


    Who is the KM Parent Resource Network?


    The mission of the Kettle Moraine Parent Resource Network (KM PRN) is to empower proactive parenting in order to create an environment for our children to become healthy, responsible citizens.  We support partnerships between parents, schools, and community by providing educational resources, parent networking, and informational events. 

    In short, we provide “continuing education” for parents (and any other adults who interact with children).  We are a parent volunteer group that is supported by our staff advisor, Alissa Darin who is the lead 6th -12th grade counselor and AODA Coordinator for the KM School District.  The KM PRN is funded by the generous donations from all six PTO’s in the KMSD which enables us to offer all of our events free of charge to the KM community.  Our costs include speaker fees, promotional materials, and printing costs.  We appreciate the use of KM facilities and communications & tech support from the district.

    How do we achieve the goals set forth in the KM PRN mission statement?


    The KM PRN surveys the KM parents on an annual basis to discover what the most pressing topics are that parents want to learn about.  We work hard at our annual planning retreat to cover topics for all grade levels – elementary, middle, and high school.  All KM parents, staff members, and the community at large are invited to attend every event we organize.  Our work consists of large presentations in the evenings, daytime coffee chats, KM PRN communications and website, participation in the “Parents Who Host” public service campaign, and KM PRN planning retreat and meetings.  Click here for a more in depth look at these areas.


    What are the benefits of serving on the KM Parent Resource Network committee?


    The KM PRN is more about building relationships and shared learning than it is about volunteering per se.  Being on the KM PRN committee offers many opportunities for personal growth and building leadership skills.  KM PRN members share information about family-related topics they are passionate about as well as learn new things about topics they might not be as familiar with.   Our members have met other parents, KM staff, and administrators from across the district and across grade levels, increasing awareness about the hot topics and challenges parents face today.  The KM PRN also offers a wide variety of roles with a lot of flexibility in order be able to participate in the committee. Some positions are behind-the-scenes and can be done independently without attending meetings. Feedback we have gathered shows that the educational parenting programs and coffee chats planned by the KM PRN have made an impact on the lives of family members throughout the KM community.  


    What does it look like to be a KM Parent Resource Network Committee Member?


    The KM PRN offers a volunteer opportunity for all parents who believe that parenting is THE most important job one can have!  Our committee roles are evolving as we welcome new members!  We encourage our members to take on positions that align to their parenting passions and personal strengths.  The KM PRN strives to have representatives from every school in the district across all grade levels in order to give each school a voice.  We welcome more than one rep per school to create a team.  We are here to provide support and training to make sure this is an enjoyable and successful volunteer experience for every KM PRN committee member.


    Here are examples of current roles in the KM PRN.  We are always looking to add members in each type of role.  We are also flexible about “job sharing” and splitting roles into smaller pieces.  Everyone works at different paces, so time commitment is hard to predict.  Volunteers can tell us how much time they would like to allot to KM PRN, if they have a time of year that works best, and we can find a way for them to be involved! 


    Here are examples of current roles within the KM PRN.  Support is available for all roles.  We are looking to add volunteers in each capacityClick here for more detail about all of the current roles on the KM PRN committee.


    What types of parenting programs has the KM PRN provided to the KM Community?

    Click here for a historicial look at the wide variety of parenting topics covered by our evening presentations, daytime coffee chats, and some of the large community events we have partnered on with other organizations since we began in the 2011-2012 school year. 


    Click here
    to read some of the comments from the KM Community about the impact the KM Parent Resource Network has had.  We sincerely appreciate your consideration of joining this powerful group of parent volunteers!  Thank you!