Resources from Previous School Years Events

  • 2020 Events

    February 26, 2020 presentation by Dr. Samantha Wilson on Dealing with Grief and Trauma. 


    2017-18 Events 


    April 19, "Help!  My Teen is Dating!" video presentation of Mike Domitrz, founder of the Date Safe Project


    March 7, “Pediatric Brain Development: Conception through Early Adulthood”, presented by Dr. Brian M. Fidlin, Psy. D.


    "New You In the New Year" Personal Development Coffee Chat Series facilitated by Joanna Angeli of New Heart Coaching & Counseling:
    • Click here for the work sheet from January 29 - "YOU with 20/20 Vision"
    • Click here for the work sheet from February 19 - "Admit it!  You're Stuck in a Rut!"
    • Click here for the worksheet from March 19 "Meet Your Future Self Waiting for YOU!"


    January 25, “Positive Parenting and Resiliency Training”, Alissa Darin, Director of Learning K-12 Counseling in the KM School District

    November 30, “Screenagers:  Growing Up in the Digital Age” 

    • Click here for the resource hand-out from the event. This 3 page hand-out includes information about internet safety, apps for monitoring, blocking and setting time limits, powering down and becoming more mindful so families can find balance in our digital age 
    • The KM School District website offers a wealth of information about many aspects of digital learning at KM, district technical support, and internet safety for parents and educators. Here are a few helpful areas to review:
      • Internet Safety –
      • Digital Learning –
        • The Digital Literacy area has the learning targets for digital citizenship per grade level and a parent resource section so parents can reinforce this learning at home
      • KM Technology Services Department –
        • KM Technology Program – including information on the filtering program used at KM (Securly), suggestions for filter at home and how parents can add additional blocks through the parent portal. Visit for more information 
    • Common Sense Media –
      This site is an excellent source of information & ratings for parents on a wide variety of children’s media including apps, websites, games, TV, books, and movies. They also cover many parent concerns about screen time, technology addiction, cyberbullying, social media, and internet safety.  The KM Digital Citizenship curriculum comes from Common Sense Media.  There are corresponding parent resources to teach digital citizenship at home at
      • Click here for family media contracts by grade level from Common Sense Media 

    October 25, "Parenting the Strong Willed Child", Cushing Elementary

    Click here for the presentation. 


    2016-17 KM PRN Events

    "Raising Kids Who Are Effective Learners, Thinkers, and Problem Solvers" presented by Laura Dahm & Mike Vuolo, March 22

    Click here to access the parent resource document.

    Click here to view the presentation.

    Click here for the 16 habits poster.




    "Building Parent-Child Releationships" presented by Kathy Duffek, January 16, 2017

    Click here to download the presentation.

    2015-2016 KM PRN Events

    "Helping Kids Navigate the Digital World Safely 2.0" presented by the KM Library Media Specialists


     “12 Traits of a Leader” with Kimberly Krueger

     “5 Steps to Confident, Resilient Kids” with Kimberly Krueger

    “Power of Parents: A Family’s Best Defense for Drug Prevention” 

    • New!  Prescription drug drop box available at the City of Delafield Police Department, 115 Main Street in Delafield, Monday thru Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm in the lobby.”
    • Click here for the event hand-out with a list of speakers and resources.
    • Click here for a list of permanent prescription drug drop boxes and Waukesha County community resources for prevention, assessment, intervention & helplines.
    • Click here to view a power point “Hidden in Plain Sight” that highlights the subtle signs of alcohol and drug use by teens. Many are seemingly innocent household & food items. 


    2014-2015 KM PRN Events 

    “Helping Kids Navigate the Digital World Safely” presented by the KMSD Library Media Specialists 

    • Click here to view the interactive presentation created by the KMSD Library Media Specialist team.  Please click on the embedded links in the presentation to access all the details and additional information provided at the event. 

    “Stairway to Heroin: A Bridge to Action-Communities Coming Together”, a collaborative event presented by the school districts of Kettle Moraine, Oconomowoc, Arrowhead, and Pewaukee featuring Robert Stutman, a retired federal DEA agent. 

    • Visit to watch a professionally produced 9 minute video featuring local community members discussing the impact that illegal prescription drug and heroin use has had on the Lake Country communities.  This is a powerful discussion-starter!
    • Click here for a list of local resources and websites to help with family discussions about the use of alcohol and drugs.
    • Click here a list of drop boxes in Waukesha County where you can properly dispose of left-over prescription medications. You do not have to reside in these communities to use these boxes. Reduce substance abuse by properly removing old medications from your home.

    “Building a Culture of Safety in Our Schools” presented by the KM School District Safety Committee. The KM School District has an entire section on the district website dedicated to information regarding safety including emergency communications, emergency preparedness, inclement weather plans, FAQ’s, and KMSD safety committee and mission statement. Visit for complete KMSD safety information. Also, remember it is vitally important to keep all family contact information current in INFINITE CAMPUS in case of an emergency. In the event of a school closing or school emergency, all communications to parents and guardians are made based on the information you have provided in Infinite Campus (IC).

    “Empowering Kids to Cope with Stress, Anxiety and Other Life Challenges Using a Whole Brain Approach” presented by Phyllis Lardinois, MA, LPC, LMFT. 

    • Click here for a copy of the speaker’s hand-outs that include “whole brain approach” strategies, a chill plan, a family peace plan, tips for helping children and teens cope with death & grief, and tips for a proactive approach to bullying.
    • Click herefor a list of additional resources suggested by Phyllis Lardinois. Her presentation draws from the works of Dr. Daniel Siegel, the author of “Brainstorm”, “The Whole Brain Child” and “Parenting from the Inside Out”.

    “Raising Financially Aware Kids” presented by Cindy Blue and two professional financial advisors

    • Click here for the event hand-out which lists several resources that can be used to start the dialogue at home plus information on financial aid for college

    “Raising Healthy Children in an Unhealthy Culture” by Dr. Doug Meske 

    • Dr. Meske’s talking points for this presentation and more can be found in his book co-authored with Dr. Kathie Amidei titled “The Journey: A Guide for Persons, Partners, & Parents”. The book covers the six emotional needs we all possess, the building blocks for couple relationships, and the ingredients needed for an efficient and joyous family life. For more information about the book visit


    “Teaching a Growth Mindset” by Brad Bestor 

    • Further recommended reading suggested by the KM PRN:

      • “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” by Dr. Carol Dweck

      • “How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character” by Paul Tough

      • “The Talent Code: Greatness Isn’t Born, It’s Grown” by Daniel Coyle

    • Click here to view Brad Bestor’s power point presentation from the evening. We highly recommend that you watch the You Tube clips in Brad’s power point for deeper understanding.

    • Khan Academy is a not-for-profit organization offering FREE online education materials, classes, and tutorials to students, parents, adults returning to the classroom, and educators in a wide variety of content areas from kindergarten through high school and beyond! Khan Academy has partnered with Dr. Carol Dweck to incorporate growth mindset messages into their lessons. Visit and go to their “You Can Learn Anything” section under “About Us”.


    2013-2014 KM PRN Events 

    “Helping Kids Make the Right Choices about Drugs & Alcohol” presented by Your Choice-Live 

    • Your Choice-Live’s website has many resources including information on their “Detour” program, upcoming school & community events, current news about substance abuse topics, and a FREE subscription to their monthly e-newsletter “Parent to Parent” at

    • Click here to view the KM PRN’s hand-out of other websites and resources from that event.

    • Please check with your school guidance counselor for a list of resources and support programs in Waukesha County.

    • Addiction Resource Council, Waukesha, is a not-for-profit organization that provides information, education, assessment, and referrals to residents of Waukesha County including “Stop and Think” classes for substance education/prevention. Collaborates with other providers in the county.


    “Overload: Learning to Recognize Anxiety, Depression, and Achievement Stress in Children, Teens and Adults” presented by Nancie Schneider with QPR training by Christine Kleiman 

      • For information about the QPR (question, persuade, and refer) suicide intervention program visit the QPR Institute website at

      • Click here to view the outline of the presentation, recommended reading for all ages and resources provided by Nancie Schneider, KMHS Guidance Counselor


    “Healthy Directions: How to Guide Young People to Make Informed Decisions” presented by Jeff Wenzler, Executive Director of Pivotal Directions

      • Recommended reading from Jeff Wenzler

        • “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know” by Meg Meeker, MD

        • “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman

        • “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People” by Stephen Covey

        • “The Bobblehead Dad” by Jim Higley

        • “The Available Parent” by Dr. John Duffy (look for his updated second edition)

    “Bully: the Award Winning Film by Lee Hirsch” 

      • The website for the film is It contains educational tool for parents, students, and educators that go along with the film. Check with Netflix and Red Box for this film.

      • Click here to view the KM PRN hand-out that included links to Wisconsin DPI and school policies on bullying, recommended reading for all ages, and websites with additional resources


    “Building Relationships the F.A.I.T.H.F.U.L. Way” by Kimberly Krueger 

      • Recommended reading from Kimberly Krueger

        • “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman

        • “Personality Plus for Parents” by Florence Littauer

        • “The DNA of Relationships” by Dr. Gary Smalley

      • Love and Logic –  has a wide variety of resources (many free), podcasts, webinars, e-newsletter, books, etc. for parents and educators


     2012-2013 KM PRN Events 


    “The Dark Side of the Digital Age” presented by Eric Szatkowski 


    “The Anatomy of the Adolescent Brain” presented by Dr. Brian Fidlin 


    “A Little Change Can Make a Big Difference” a presentation and round table discussion introducing the 40 Developmental Assets from Search Institute facilitated by Brian Stuckey. 


     2011-2012 KM PRN Events 

    “Recognizing and Coping with Bullying” presented by Jim Jelinske 

      • Click here to view Jim’s hand-out which includes indicators, strategies, and resources.  


    “Winning Wellness IN Our Schools” presented by Dr. Joe Tzougros 

      • The KM PRN has two websites they suggest to help your family and schools with healthier eating:

        • Alliance for a Healthier Generation, was formed by the American Heart Association and the Clinton Foundation as a response to the growing rate of childhood obesity. Great resources for families, schools, and communities.   (Search archives for the article “10 Ways to Raise Smart Money” that doesn’t involve unhealthy food choices.) Also resources for increasing movement & exercise. 

        • is an initiative from the Produce for Better Health Foundation to help families increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables. Wonderful recipes, tips, family activities, and free e-newsletter subscription.

      • Click here for FREE download of the KM PRN food chart “Rating Your Foods” to hang on your refrigerator!! Select foods high on the chart for healthier food options!