KMSD Funding Information

  • State funding of the Kettle Moraine School District has dramatically decreased in recent years. This has shifted the tax burden to local taxpayers. Please find more information in the resources below.


    KMSD Financial Facts - School Funding Info - a document that explains how Kettle Moraine compares to other school districts. This document is updated each October. 

    2018 KMSD Budget Rationale - a document that was used to guide the 2018 budgeting process. 

    2018 KMSD Budget Presentation - the presentation given during the 2018 annual meeting and budget hearing. 

    2017-2018 Financial Report - the report presented at the 2018 annual meeting and budget hearing. 

    KMSD School Board Legislative Advocacy - the school board's legislative priorities. 

    If you are interested in learning more and helping to advocate for a change in school funding, please contact Director of Public Information & Community Engagement Melinda Mueller: or 262-968-6300 ext. 5327.