KM4K Program General Information

  • KM 4K Vision

    The vision of the Kettle Moraine Four-year-old Kindergarten (KM4K) program is to provide access to quality early learning experiences to all students in partnership with families and the community. All students will be provided with a rich foundation and loving environment in order to prepare them for life long learning.


    • Children learn through play and active exploration of their world.
    • Parents are active partners with the community in the growth and development of children.
    • All children will learn when they are supported, nurtured, encouraged, engaged, and motivated.
    • Children are given opportunities to practice life skills, pro-social behaviors, personal responsibility, positive self esteem, and self discipline.
    • A focus on early literacy, social competence, and self-confidence in a safe learning environment that helps children grow as individuals.
    • Communication, collaboration, teamwork, and cooperation help create a positive environment for all.
    • Ensure access to all children including those with special needs.
    • Children will enter 5K with the readiness skills to be successful.
    • Children will satisfy curiosity through observation, discovery, and sharing.


    How does four-year-old kindergarten work in our community?

    • Participation in Kettle Moraine’s KM4K is voluntary.
    • Four-year-old kindergarten provides an enrichment and learning opportunity for four-year-olds prior to kindergarten.
    • KM4K is available to all children who are four years old on or before September 1st.
    • Kettle Moraine encourages partnerships between the School District of Kettle Moraine and existing early learning programs. Kettle Moraine partner centers are listed here

    Four-Year-Old Kindergarten is made possible through existing funding from the Department of Public Instruction (DPI). This funding will enhance learning opportunities for four-year-olds in collaboration with community early learning programs.

    What are specific benefits of four-year-old kindergarten?

    All children have access to quality, enhanced early learning opportunities through the KM4K program.

    • Guaranteed instruction by a teacher holding a Bachelor’s Degree or advanced degree in early childhood education.
    • Increased number of family activities and opportunities throughout the community because of strengthened partnerships amongst community organizations.
    • Strengthening partnerships between community organizations and parents to provide high quality early learning experiences to ALL children in our community.
    • Increased opportunities to participate in parent education and training. (Approximately 90 hours of programming per year)
    • Expanded staff education opportunities focusing on the needs of young children.
    • Integration of the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards* into the 4K program. These standards are based on current research and developmentally appropriate practices.