Test Registration Information

  • Attention AP Students and Families


    The deadline to sign up for exams, without an extra fee, is quickly approaching.  Please ensure that you are enrolled in your courses in both Total Registration and AP Classroom.  Here are directions to sign up for your exam in AP.  All information and deadlines are included in this presentation that was shared in AP classes at the beginning of the year.  Note that this year all ordering and payments will be done online.


    Please note a couple VERY important pieces of information:

    • Kettle Moraine has set our school deadline for the first round of ordering as November 6th. This is different from the RECOMMENDED date provided by the College Board.  This allows time to ensure an accurate order.
    • If you do not pay your balance by the end of the day on November 6th will cancel your order, which then results in having to sign up late, which requires a $40 late fee.
    • Students MUST sign up for their exam in BOTH Total Registration and AP Classroom.  Failure to identify intent to take an exam in either system will result in not ordering a test, which then results in having to sign up late with a $40 late fee.  Leaving your exam status as undecided in AP Classroom is the same as saying “no” during ordering.
    • Students who have not started their AP course are on a different timeline for fees, however they can sign up for their exam now.


    The specific links for Total Registration for each of our schools are linked below.  Students are required to sign up for the exam in the school in which they are taking the course, so students may have to create two accounts if they are taking courses in different schools.


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    If you have any questions or issues please contact AP Coordinator Pete Rortvedt (rortvedp@kmsd.edu)