Calendar of Upcoming Events

  • PRN logo We are proud of the programs we have lined up for this school year. All of our programs are FREE and made possible by monetary donations or donations of space and expertise. We would like to thank all of the PTO’s in the KM School District for their financial support!! Our evening presentations were selected based on the feedback we received from parent surveys that were administered at the end of last school year. Continue to check back to our “calendar of events” section as we will be adding new programs during the year.  We also appreciate, but do not require, you reserving your seat in advance for our events by following the “click here” links in the event descriptions. This helps us tremendously with our planning and is much appreciated.  




    CANCELED - January 14, 2019 10:30am-Noon, Yoga 4 All, Wales “Healthy Boundaries” presented by Joanna Angeli.
    Honoring and caring for all that lies within our boundaries isn’t easy. You might find that saying  “no” seems impossible to do. There’s a good chance it leaves you feeling resentful. It’s time to learn how to challenge the way things are(not) working out for you, create a plan designed, based on your personal insight and wisdom, and end the struggle with boundaries as you learn to live a healthy and balanced life. Best of all, you’ll learn to TAKE CHARGE of your life without hesitation or guilt. Register at

    January 30, 2019 6:30-8:00pm, Cushing Activity Center  “Sanity Saving Parenting Tips” presented by Kimberly Krueger.
    Parenting is the most important job we will ever do and it is worth every effort to do it well. Taken from her 30 year parenting experience, She will help you sharpen your skills, and prepare your kids for the real world while saving your sanity: Put an end to ridiculous arguing, Never be afraid to look dumb so your kids can get smart, Failure is welcome here. Register at


    February 25, 2019 10:30am-Noon, Yoga 4 All, Wales “Mindfulness for Your Entire Family” presented by Lynne Smith.
    By practicing mindfulness, you and your family will gain valuable support skills to help each of you recognize, understand, and regulate your own emotions.  Emotional self-regulation helps kids and parents reduce stress and anxiety, increase feelings of calm, and increase resiliency!  Mindfulness can also lead to improved overall health.  This coffee chat will provide the understanding and tools needed for an ongoing personal practice as well as practices that can be done with your children. Register at


    March 6, 2019 6:30-8:00pm, Cushing Activity Center “5 S’s of Self Esteem” presented by Deanna Marincic of GALS Institute.
    There has been an increase in anxiety disorders, experimentation with substances to self medicate along with increased dependence on social media. Learn about what todays trends are and what you as a parent can do to strengthen your relationship with your child while instilling leadership and confidence skills. The 5 S's comes from a successful event created to help kids build self esteem and leadership. Deanna Marincic of GALS Institute, is excited to share her experiences on ways to use these skills at home and help parents create opportunities to build strong healthy leaders. Register at