Off the Campus; Daily Grind

Out of the Cold: Onto the Island

The Express Route to Chicago

A New Dimension: The Weber Zone

KM Perform Harvestfest: 4 Years in the Making

Perform Is Pedaling for the Arts

Math and Mini-Golf: A Seminar That’s Up to Par

A Happily Ever After

  • A Happily Ever After

    After a long process of rehearsal and collaboration, the Perform Musical has come to a close, but the memories of such a show will live on.

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A Novel Idea

Once Upon a Musical

  • Once Upon a Musical

    It’s that time of year again. The weather is getting colder, Thanksgiving has passed, it’s begun snowing. And Perform students are itching for a show.

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Grimm’s Scariest Fairy Tales Come Alive

Planting the Future

Let's Play a Game!

  • Let's Play a Game!

    Alliances form. Empires fall. But only one of you will emerge victorious, with the coveted Discrete Math target Advanced Application of Game Theory as your prize.

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Out of the Woods and Into the Tommy's

Behind the Woods

  • Behind the Woods

    Lights, Cameras, Action! The stage and actors are important parts of musicals, but there is way more work happening behind the scenes in order to create the best production possible.

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Prep Your Portfolio

  • Prep Your Portfolio

    A KM Perform student's portfolio is the most important project they'll create in high school, and the preparation of it is just as important as the creation.

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The View from Stage - Into the Woods

What Makes Music Magical

A Thriller of a Night for KM Perform

This is Your Brain on Music

Music and Perspective

Five Senses Through the Eyes of Autism

Opening Your Mind Through Automatic Drawing